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Daily Journey

Saturday, November 19, 2011

365 Days Of Pictures ~ Day 269

A game of hop Scotch anyone?
One of my favorite childhood games.
I used to be pretty good at this game.
Let me just say.
Not so good!
We saw this chalk of hop scotch and thought "I can do this."
Not so!
It was rather funny to watch me try.
Would have made a great candid camera shot!
Oh to be young again!
For some many reasons.
For the energy and youthful abilities of the care free life.
And to know what I know NOW!

A Game Of Hop Scotch

Did you play hop scotch when you were a child?


Sandra Heska King said...

I still love hopscotch. :)

rainbow said...

Thanks for the FUN memories, I loved playing Hop Scotch. Kids now days would not know how to have fun with a little piece of chalk and a rock. I guess if we told them about it, it would soon be the newest game for X-Box 360 or Play Station 3. Kids now days do not know how to have fun. Enough of my soap box, I think I am going to go play some Hop Scotch (not bad for a 60+ Grandma) guess I will always be a kid at heart.


rainbow (Momma Lyn)