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Daily Journey

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday~

Here we are on Thankful Thursday!
Isn't it wonderful to be able to make a list and share all the many blessing that you are thankful for?
Come and join the fun with Tara over at Undeserving Grace.
See what others are thankful for.
I know I'm very excited to share the wonders of the Lord through my thankful list.

  1. Music that lifts my spirit and soul
  2. New bloggie followers and friends
  3. New journeys to grow from
  4. New boots
  5. Money to pay my bills
  6. God's word that brings me His instruction for life
  7. New blouses for work
  8. Work for my hands
  9. The new addition to our family that will be arriving in the weeks ahead
  10. News of another baby to come as well
  11. Writing pens
  12. Phone calls from my girls
  13. Finding little treasures in my garage
  14. Bright colored leafs of Fall
  15. Prayers
Are you already getting things prepared for the Thanksgiving holiday?


Karen S. said...

Life is awesome when we sit down and just let it be...on my blue days I will list in my head things that I am most thankful for. I used to recall my first child being born....not so much the labor end... I like your word bloggie, and yes as you mention the word boots, those too are on my list this time around! Very uplifting post, thanks so much!

Kelly L said...

Love your thankful list!
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Rainbow said...

love your list.