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Daily Journey

Monday, November 14, 2011

Playdate With God ~ A Weekend of Rest, Quiet And Healing

My play date this week was really one of rest and healing.
Hubby went on guys trip for the weekend.
What I thought would be a weekend of fun and doing whatever I please;
Turned into a weekend where I had some oral surgery on my gums instead.
So instead I was resting and healing.
Though I did get some fun in.
Maybe not what I thought or wanted.
But all the same some fun!

I played with some eye colors on Friday mid morning.
I got out some bright blues.
It sort of reminded me of the 70's.
Just goofing around having some fun!
I love playing with color.

It appears I can still pull off some blue on my eyes!

Eyes Of Blue

CK and I kicked it around the house.
Lots of laying around and watching some early Christmas movies.
I know I know!
Its to early for Christmas!
But never to early in my book for those great Christmas movies.
Working on some crafts as well.
Some needle point and a blanket for my oldest grandson.
It appears I maybe making more than one blanket.
Oldest daughter has requested blankets for all the children in her family.

Not a lot one can do when you don't feel very good.

CK Supervising

My walk through the complex brought much Fall beauty.
Even with the dark gray skies.
The beauty of the falling leaves;
 The bare trees made huge statements of the long Winter ahead.
The winds blowing the leaves all about in small and large piles throughout the complex.
Fall beauty in its full glory and colour.

Gray Beauty Laced In Fall Color

Flames of Red Etched In Bare Limbs

Red & Gold Piles Of Fall Beauty

There was even a lovely little walk with the CK girl.
She was sniffing and smelling all the wonderful Fall scents that where freshly blowing around the ground.
So much to smell she was transfixed on each scent she picked up on.
Not wanting to move on.
She even enjoyed a bit of hide and seek with me.
Really I think she just found a great scent she really liked.
And gave me the look;
I'm not ready to move on yet; mom!
Personal I think her playing hide and seek with me a bit more fun.

A Fall Walk

This Bush Smells Really Good

Don't Look Now
I See You!

As you see we had lots of fun.
Mostly I really did rest.
I got out the camera for the first time over the weekend in sometime.
That was really fun!
Catching some of the beautiful Fall foliage and color.

Isn't it wonderful how we can make a play date with God even when we aren't feeling up to par.
If we just sit and enjoy His sweet company.
We will have the time of our life.
He will give us each one just want we need for that moment in time.
The rest and the quiet adventure we need.
Each with its personal message etched out to us with love from Him.

This weekend was that for me.
A time for me and God to just spend some quiet and restful time together.
Some healing.
Some catching up on the blog.
Some reading.
Even some time for some TV,
Even some movies.
(Romantic comedies, Christmas stories)
Some needle work.
A start on a blanket.
Some small adventures along the way.
Some with some great friends that helped me while hubby was away.
God made provision each day for an adventure with Him!
Thank you to each one who helped me through this weekend;
By driving me around and sitting with me.
And even going to dinner with me so I wasn't alone.

Though we are never alone when we have Jesus with us.

The best was the little walks with CK girl!


Psalm 16: 9

Therefore my heart is glad, and my glory rejoices; My flesh also rest in hope.

Do you have favorite things you like to do on long weekends when you are alone?


Ben Ditty said...

I love these end of post questions. I usually try and find someone when I'm alone. Don't really care for it ;)

BUT love this long post and all the pictures! What a cute dog!

~Tablescapes By Diane~ said...

Hi lovely lady.
I always love to read your Journey and look at your lovely photos so sweet.
I just put you on my facebook page for others to come see you.
Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my new tablescape.
XXOO Diane

Laura said...

I love that jacket CK is sporting :) Lucy Mae will be so jealous. Sometimes you just need some rest, don't you? (I hope your gums are feeling better!) Some of my favorite things to do when I'm alone is stay in my pjs until late morning, read, and paint. I think I'm overdue for one of those quiet weekends, in fact. :)

Laura said...

ANd, did I say i love the blue eye shadow?

Thisisme. said...

Hi Bethe. I love CK's little coat as well. Bless! How lovely that she enjoyed her walk so much over the weekend. Lovely photos with those autumn colours. I hope your mouth is feeling a little easier now. I know from a previous post that it is going to be quite a long job :( How lovely to watch those early Christmas movies and, yes, you certainly still can carry off that blue eyeshadow my friend!

Pamela said...

A good book and fresh tea is all I need for a weekend by myself. Adding a needlework project is icing on the cake. Love my aloneness! I think your weekend sounds perfect -- except for the pesky dentist work.

Rainbow said...

Wow Bethe,
this post is awesome!!!! Glad it is fall my favorite time of year but like you...i hate what is coming ahead :(

Susie Swanson said...

There's nothing any better than a playdate with God.. I love your little companion CK. and his sweater.. So sorry, that you're not feeling good, sending prayers your way and the blue suits you pretty lady..Blessings, Susie

Anonymous said...

I came by at Diane's urging and pleased I did. SOrry to hear of your dental work. But how fun to play with makeup. You go girl! Now on your question which I love post with questions: I like to do busy work. Clean up my craft bins, sort out clutter from keep around the house, bathe the dogs who need it and so on. This weekend, two boston's were bathed and craft area was clean beyond clean.
Hugs and I hope you'll stop by.

I am having a GIVEAWAY if you and your followers would like a shot at winning. Ends the 15th.

Dolly @Soulstops said...

Visiting from Laura's blog. Sorry to hear about your gum surgery {ouch!} but glad to hear that you had a relaxing weekend. CK's jacket is too cute...thinking my dog might want one.

To answer your question, if I have free time on a weekend, it would be to read, journal and/or get together with friends, or a date with hubby.