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Daily Journey

Thursday, November 3, 2011

65 Day Journey

Day 7

So okay a late night post on my journey.
It has been a very full and long crazy day.
It started at 5 am this morning and here I am still going at it.
I might make it to bed about midnight.
Oh I sure hope not!
As tomorrow comes so quickly.

Today I was challenged at work by one of the ladies.
I'd like to call her a very special grey haired lady; that I survived without hitting her with the hair brush, on top of her head.
(smiles & chuckles)
Seriously though.
It is so sad to be that negative all the time and full of such nasty hatred.
I truly think she needs to know the joy of the Lord.
My heart breaks for her; even though she broke me to tears today, in not so good way.
I'm thinking okay God!
What is my lesson here?
I'm still not sure it was lesson.
More like my dear child would you please pray for this broken one of mine.
Help her find the joy in me and help her find the happiness she deserves!
It will be a challenge that is for sure.
She is the kind of person you want to run as fast and far from as you can.
So tonight I ask that Lord to show me how to give this little old lady some joy and happiness in her life.
Nothing positive comes out of her.
Breaks one heart to see and hear this.

Lord I ask that you would show me how to have peace and joy around her. That you would guide my hands, heart and words that would bring her peace and joy in the midst of whatever she is going through in her life Lord.
I thank you that you are the true joy she needs to know. I thank you Lord that you would turn her words of vinegar to honey Lord and give me the grace to continue to care for her hair needs in Jesus name Amen

So that was my mid morning experience at the salon.
The pure joy!
But I got all my clients done plus two additional ones.
I would call that a great day!

Then afterwards headed over to my friends house where I do care giving.
Okay is this the day I'm challenged because I'm trying to be more focused on the things of the Lord and drawing near to Him to be more like Him
Because my dear client was a mess.
Oh yes!
Another HUGE challenge!
We muddled through and was able to leave with a smile on our face.
Was surely challenged.

Hubby had started the preparation's for dinner. I can say I'm blessed to have a man who enjoys the kitchen.
I'm not one for the kitchen that is for sure.
He prepared a lovely dinner for us.
Chicken cooked in cream of chicken soup with rice.

So with all this said; isn't it funny how the Lord gives us exactly what we need at the right time
 My devotional card for the day.

Lord, help us to put a new joy in our living.

~Luke 6:23

"Rejoice ye in that day, and leap for joy: for, behold, your reward is great in heaven."

I'm thinking God has a great sense of humor!
I keep wondering what is this?
Then low and behold...
He never fails to give us exactly what is needed for the day.

Trust In The Lord With All Your Heart song


Trust in the Lord with all your heart
And lean not on your own understanding
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct, He shall direct your path (2)
He will not allow your foot to be bruised
He that keeps you will not slumber
The Lord is near unto all those who call upon Him,
To all who call upon Him in truth.
Trust in the Lord with all your heart
And lean not on your own understanding
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct, He shall direct your path (2)

Day 3

That the Lord walks with me and holds my hand through each day.
That I have a job to go to each morning of everyday.
That the Lord trust me enough to take care of his children's hair needs and pray for their ever need; even when I don't think I can.
The love of my friends and their support through each crazy adventure.
The laughter that helps me laugh at life when I want to cry.
(Laughter is like a good medicine)

Do you have people at your job that challenge you? How do you deal with it?


melody-mae said...

I do not know how in the world after reading your blog for so long that I didn't know or forgot that you do hair!!! I am a trained and still keep my license up...but, yeah I am a hairdresser by trade! One more thing in common! I haven't worked in a salon for a very long time though. I am sorry you had a hard day today. I pray for a better friday and lovely weekend for you!!!


Raindrops and Daisies said...

Sorry to hear about your experience with the little old lady
although you did make me laugh out loud almost spilling my coffee when you said you felt like hitting her with the hairbrush!!!!

Lovely that you had a good dinner prepared by your husband, that is certainly something to be happy about

I hope that you get some sleep and that today (Friday) is wonderful for you

Take care and let's hope the little nasty lady realises how horrible she is being or she just might get a whack of that brush!!!!

Rainbow said...

I am so sorry for the cranky little ole lady, and like Raindrops I had to chuckle when u said about the hairbrush.

Thank you Bethe for sharing...You know I did my blog without reading Shawn's yesterday and was lead to that are right how God dwells with us all on some familiar things.

Hope your Friday was great and that you get some much needed rest over the weekend.