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Daily Journey

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Short Story Slam Week 14 ~ Bluebell Books

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 Tiny pink bubbles
Taking me away to a land of my dreams
Where I am Queen
No more honey
Can you please....
No more honey can you find...
Where is the....
Could you run and pick up....
Whats for dinner.....
Didn't we have that just last night?
Couldn't you please...
Why isn't...
Tiny pink bubbles
Taking me away
 To the land of dreams
Where little
Yellow Duckies
Are not just child's play
They are the keepers of our dreams
Tiny pink bubbles
Floating around
In the land of
Where I am Queen
Regal gowns
Lavender's and blues
Diamonds and rubies
Glass slippers
Fit for a
Please don't disturb
I'm floating away
In tiny pink bubbles
At the
Claw Bath Pink Ball


Do you enjoy taking bubble baths?

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The Cello Strings said...

it is cool to take tiny bubble bath.


Morning said...

lovely imaginations.


e.a.s. demers said...

cute! :-)