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Daily Journey

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Daily Journey

Happy 1st Birthday
Daily Journey!

It was one year ago today that I started my blog.
I had no clue what I was doing;
How much fun I would have.
The wonderful people and friends I would meet along the way in this amazing journey through the blog world.
I had no clue what I was doing.
What I wanted my blog to be or if there where rules or guide lines.
If you had to be a certain way or what.
I just started writing;
And have had so much fun doing so.
I miss it when I cannot be on here and sharing or reading the adventures and stories of my bloggie friends.
You all have enriched my life so much;
Thank you!
I have grown so much through this amazing journey.
My skills in photography have so improved and enhanced through this past year.
What fun that has been!
My writing abilities have differently improved.
What I thought would be a journal has turned out to be so much more.
When I go out adventuring I look at things so much differently.
I look for a story to tell in all that I do.
I live my life more fuller and because of that I'm much happier.
My oldest grandson wanted this turned into a book.
So I make a book out of this blog every month or few months for him.
He loves it!
(Or I should say he will when he gets it.)
He does ask about the blog all the time.
Each day I come I find new things I want to share.
The challenges have grown me as a person as well as my skills in writing and photography.
They keep me accountable and on time with the challenge.
I have researched in areas I would have never done before so my knowledge in areas is growing.
My ability on the computer is defiantly growing.
I look forward to many more years in blogging as I grow.
Learn and experience new things through this amazing world and culture.
Thank you to each and everyone of you that have encouraged me left amazing comment's and thoughts.
That have held the challenges that I have enjoyed and participated in.
To all of my amazing followers who drop in and read what I have to say or to look around and ....
You have helped make this blog what it is.
To you all I say thank you for coming along for the journey!
Each award that I have been blessed with.
I have so much to learn still and so much fun a ahead of me.
I have no idea how to celebrate this special stepping stone in my journey.
So what I would like to do is ask you all to post a comment and I will draw a name and send you a special gift from me to you. I just wish I could for each and all.
So lets get the party rolling and lest see what this year will bring!
I will draw the name at the end of the day on the 30 of November.

Did you know what you where getting into when you started blogging?


Thisisme. said...

Happy Blogaversary my friend! One year today. You have done so well with your Blog and look at all the Followers you now have, which is amazing in just one year. I always enjoy coming over to visit you and I love the faith that you have. Congratulations my friend - we have met so many wonderful people, haven't we?! Blessings to you.

Rainbow said...

HAPPY BLOGDAY!!!!You have been such a blessing to me and Bob. I have been following you since you won the spotlight on Follow me on Friday.
Your encouragement always brings a smile to my face. Oh Bethe, our talks on the phone have been more of a blessing than you will ever come to know.

Bob, also wishes you happy BLOGDAY. with everything going on here..I forgot that my blog day was OCT 31 last year..the original blog.

I had no idea what I was getting into when I first started blogging...Missy got me started...and like you I have taken on some of the roughest challenges, and have stuck with most of them. I feel I am also smarter in areas.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! and many more to come

Rainbow..& Tiger