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Daily Journey

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Poetry Picnic Week 13 ~The Gooseberry Garden

Poetry Picnic Week 13: Childhood, Dreams, Books, Role Models

This Week, we will handle cases on Childhood, Dreams, Books, and Role Models, which means that, you are doing to dig deep,  study these terms, write about how they position, impact,  and add light to your life. 

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Chasing the dreams
Capturing the
Wonder of life
Living fully
Each moment
Of each day
Breathing in the beauty set before me
Chasing the dreams
Set in my heart
Capturing each one
Hold on tight
Don't let go!
Racing after the glory of His love
Each day a gift from above
Before the one who first loved me
Reading about His precious love
His love letter to me
His road map
To my life
To a rich future of abundance
Reaching for the stars
Freely flying as free as the birds of the air
The world is mine
It is my stage
Each act set before the angels above
My audience of one
Is my Father in heaven
Who first loved me
As He set the sun and moon
And the stars of heaven 
That I might run and play
As free as the birds of the air
Each day I run my race
As I reach for the stars
Unwrapping each gift
As I learn and grow
A gift to Him from me
As I sing His praises
Of life
His love for me
Capturing the dreams
Placed in my heart
From Him to me


Do you see the world as your stage and you are the star?

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Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

he is divine for you.
what a lovely tribe.

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