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Daily Journey

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Three Word Wednesday Promt~

Carnage; noun: The killing of a large number of people.

Jerk; noun: A quick, sharp sudden movement; a spasmodic muscle twitch; a contemptibly obnoxious person; verb: Move or cause to move with a jerk

Puncture; noun: A small hole in something, a tire or skin, made by a sharp object; verb: Make a puncture in (something); cause a sudden collapse of (mood or feeling).

The mangled car
Sat in carnage
With many puncture wounds
From the jerk who drove the other car


Your words puncture the heart
Leaving much carnage behind
Jerking me around like a rubbery doll


 These words give way to many little thoughts and poems running around in my head. These are two I just put up minutes before running out the door for work. Maybe I will come back and do one with some thought behind it. Great words this week!

Do certain words or sentences provoke more creativity for you?


Sheilagh Lee said...

yes some words just tell a story in your head.
These are both excellent haikus

Ben Ditty said...

Great imagery with the rubbery doll!

MaryA said...

I really like the second one. It is so easy to forget how our words might impact someone else. Nice job.

Shawn said...

Perfect! You did an amazing job with your three words.

Loved your Biker Chic outfit, fun!

Paige said...

Beth, each poem has heart and soul: a deep
meaning and passion.

Nanka said...

You have expressed beautifully in both the haiku!! You jerked out two excellent ones from your magic hat!! I struggled with the word!!