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Daily Journey

Friday, June 10, 2011

21 Day Summer Challenge~ Day 1 All About You!!

All About YOU!!
 I am hooking up with Jen over at Following in His Footsteps. Hope you come and join in on the fun. Today is day one of the 21 challenge.
All About YOU!!
Shasta -Trinity National Forrest Sim's Flat
Sacramento River

Gosh! Lets see.... about me.
I'm a wife to my dear hubby coming up on 23 years of marriage.
I have three beautiful daughters from my first marriage.
They have blessed me with ten wonderful grandchildren. Six granddaughter's and four grandson's.
I am a cosmetologist and have been for 30years.
I work in an assisted home twice a week., go into adult foster care home's, as well as do fill in work at another salon.
I love what I do.
I as well sell Mary Kay products
Which is another passion of mine.
I also help in doing some care giving. I have one client left who happens to be one of my oldest friends in the world. We have known each other since grade school.
We have a Quaker bird named Hancho who is a crack up.
She is in love with my hubby.
Then of course there is our precious CK girl who is a chocolate lab that is 14years of age.
I enjoy watching classic movies.
Summer is my favorite season. Though I do love the Christmas season.
But that is Winter and in my opinion we can have Christmas all year long.
The way I see it everyday you serve the Lord is Christmas; because He gives the best gifts everyday to us, beyond our wildest dreams. We just need to stop and unwrap the gift and enjoy!
I love life!
And living it to its fullest!
I love traveling!
I love hiking!
The beauty that surrounds me.
I do needle point.
I enjoy reading a good book.
I love writing in my blog.
Learning to use my camera.
I have always loved taking pictures.
Learning about scrape booking. So this is fast becoming a great new passion.
Red is my favorite color. But I mostly wear pink. So it is a wonderful thing that pink is part of the red zone for me. Not to mention in my mind pink is the new black.
I love the Lord with all my heart.
He is molding me into the woman He created me to be.
I love most genre's of music and love to dance.
I think taking your kids out for dinner and having dessert first is a wonderful life lesson.
That making the magic and dreams in your life with your family is the best gift you will ever give.

Wondering how does one explain all about you in this one blog post. There are so many facets of who I am and what makes me me. Fifty three years of living life and falling down and getting back up has many life lessons.
So if you wan to know ask I may or may not answer. But.... likely I will. But be prepared you never know what I will come up with or say.

The most important things in life is being who you are and not trying to be someone you aren't. You are the best you. No one can be you better than you.
So come along for the ride and enjoy!

Do you like writing about yourself?



Amanda said...

Great post. It's true, very hard to condense our entire history in a small post but I do feel like know you a bit better know.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading your post Beth, I bet you are Awesome in person. Your class mate from 1977.

Anonymous said...

I didn't mean to be anonymous, your friend Don

Jen said...

After reading your post I realize I left out a lot of things about me on mine! You are right how can we really tell all about ourselves in one post!! We have so much in common!! Thanks for participating in this Summer challenge I am really excited about getting to know you more!!

One last thing, before I was married I almost decided to sell Mary Kay. I was about to sign up and buy my kit when my mother talked me out of it because she felt I had too many things on my plate! Maybe one day I'll do it! I love Mary Kay products and especially love the company's philosophies.

Amy said...

nice to meet you.. I am stopping by from Jen's place.. My friend sells Mary Kay and loves it.. That is neat that you can style hair.. I wish I could do that so I could save money.. Cute Dog.. I love scrap booking but I have not really gotten a chance to do much.. It is strange to write about yourself but then it reminds you of who you are.. Have a great day..

Holly Diane said...

Nice to learn more about you via the 21 day summer challenge! I have so many good "Mary Kay" memories. I sold it about 16 years ago ( I remember because I had just gotten my kit and gave my sister a facial when she went into labor with my nephew!) Great products!

Looking forward to this challenge and a wonderful summer!

Chelle said...

Great post, and so fun to read :)

Anonymous said...

Its lovely to meet you =)

Rainbow said...

I love reading about you!!! I learned so much in that little post. You are so right Christmas is everyday, and how do we write about ourselves in such a short post? I love writing about myself, but never want people to feel like I am being vane. I never write about myself meaning to be vane.

Blessings to you all Rainbow