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Daily Journey

Saturday, June 25, 2011

21 Day Summer Challenge~ Day 16: Road Trips

June 25-Day 16: Road Trips 
I love road trips!
I especially love them in the Summer time.
I like them to be unexpected!
 Hop on in the car and start driving.
Where the wind blows we go!
I actually do love road trips the best.
I think those are the highlights of Summer.
I like driving to the beach and the mountains.
Even if it is just for the day or the weekend.
Since I live so close to both I am able to do that.
I have gone on some awesome road trips with friends in the past.
I have traveled across the Untied States to help them.
Some in car.
Some by rail.
Some by bus.
And some in combination of all three.
I think it is a great way to see this wonderful country we live in.
My most recent road trip was to Sacramento to be there when my youngest daughter graduated from college.
The road trip was wonderful and so beautiful!
Love being with friends and family.

Road Trip
On The Road From California


I have several road trips planned in my head I would like to do.

I have planned them a thousand times over and over.
One day they will all come true.
One of them I really want to do is drive down highway 101 from the Canadian border all the way to Mexico.
I think that would be a dream trip.
Take my time.
Camp where I want.
You name it!
I'm there and having the time of my life.
Seeing all the beauty and sites.
Maybe even some fishing on some boats in the ocean.
Do you have a dream road trip planned?



Thisisme. said...

Hi there. Your dream trip to Mexico sounds wonderful, and I hope that, one day, it will happen for you. We are both lucky living close to the sea. Warmest wishes to you.

Anonymous said...

This is an awesome trip! My dream trip is to Bhutan =)

Linda said... trips planned ...but you are making me want to go on one!

You are lucky/blessed, living close to both the mountains and the ocean! It was like that for me when I lived in Southern Calif. But I have been in Kansas for32 years now...and believe me there are no mountains, nor oceans! Ha! And I miss them.

Love, Linda

Jen said...

Oh that 101 trip sounds amazing! I'd like to do that too!! I've heard it's a beautiful drive! Praying we make it California this summer!

Brandi said...

That does sound like a fun road trip! I would love to do a road trip each summer to different states/national parks. I think that would be cool for us and for my daughter. :)