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Daily Journey

Sunday, June 26, 2011

21 Day Summer Challenge~ Day 17: Summer Camp

June 26-Day 17: Summer Camp

This one is going to take me way back.
Maybe a bit further than one wants to go.
It has been a very long time since I have been to camp.
I loved camp as a kid.
My mom usually had us in day camp in the Summer to keep us off the streets and out of trouble while she was at work.
It was a program I think the city put on.
I don't even remember.
I  know at first I didn't want to go to camp at all.
But they always had some wonderful outings to go on.
So then I wanted to go.
Besides the cute boys!
{Smiles & Giggles}
I remember some of those where the best times of my life.
I also remember girl scout camp after the cookie sell.
 That was huge!
That was always a memorable event.
My most favorite camp was water ski camp the year before I graduated from high school.
It was a whole week at the lake learning to water ski.
All I can say is it was so worth it!
I almost felt as if it was coming of age camping trip for me.
Such great memories.
Seriously we just didn't realize how great life was then!
Thanks for this small stroll down memory lane.
I'm sure I could tell a whole bunch of crazy stories here... but wont!
So I was wondering is there a camp for me that I can go back in my childhood and re-live, re-visist, some of my most memorable experience's?
Do you have a favorite camp story from when you where a kid?


Anonymous said...

Water skiing camp that is awesome!!! I remember I was in the Brownies but my dad took me out because they made me dress like a cowgirl

holly said...

I wish I would have done something like water skiiing camp!! We learned how to use a canoe but water skiiing would have been so much more fun!!

Amy said...

Those are great memories.. I did not go to camp.. I did work on though.. I hope to send my little one some day..

Jen said...

Water ski camp?? SO fun!! I would have loved to go to a camp where we water skied all day! Yes these are great memories! I had fun strolling down memory lane too!!