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Daily Journey

Thursday, June 16, 2011

21 Day Summer Challenge~ Day 7: Favorite Summer memory

June 16-Day 7:  Favorite Summer memory
I have so many.
When you get older each one holds such treasure's.
No one memory stands out from the other as being more special.
Each one is special and is a treasured memory.
I think the one I'm making at the time is the one that is my favorite Summer memory.
Its new and has yet been shared a zillion times.
You see I have been blessed with grandchildren in the Summer and each one holds a special place in my heart and memory of the day the Lord blessed us with them.
There is the day I graduate from high school. Who couldn't call that a wonderful memory to hold onto. 
One of my prized memories of "I did it!"
There is the first time I went to Dalles, Tx for the Mary Kay Seminar.
I was in Aw!
The Summer I surprised my girls unexpectedly.
The trips I have traveled across country and seen places that I had only read about in books.
The visits to mom's home when she lived in Nebraska.
To the famous zoo in Omaha Nebraska.
Or how about when your little and you have the famous family camping trips.
The time I first time I panned for gold in the hills of California.
the time I out fished my husband at the lake with his buddies.
hat was so fun and funny too!
That is quite a story.
I should find the picture and share that.
Or when we were little and went to Disneyland.
I loved "The Teacups" and "Its a Small World"
Or how bout when we traveled across country in the station wagon when dad was transferred once again to another military installation.
And my mom took us on her short cut across thirteen creeks.
A story that is still told to this day.
Or how about trips to the Boardwalk in San Cruz, California.
Maybe it was the girl scout camping trip that i won paid for when I sold the most girl scout cookies in my troop and the area that I lived in.
Or it could be the first Day on the Green in Oakland, California.
There where many Summer concerts.
Which would be my favorite.
Some memorable highlights of some fun in the sun.
Some of my crazy Summer highlights.
So many more not mentioned.
All a precious memory treasured.
Each makes me smile and has a special spot in my heart.
For each Summer brings it laughter and sunshine to my heart.
I'm looking forward to the new ones yet made this year to hold onto and treasure as my new favorite Summer memory.
So many to share.
Which one do I pick?
 Which one sounds the most fun to you? Do you have a favorite Summer memory?


Anonymous said...

Awww this is so wonderful so many beautiful memories =) And your right each memory is special.

Amy said...

you memories are all amazing. My friend works for Mary Kay and I think they are going to either Houston or Dallas next month.. I think it is great to have memories and hold them close.. I love looking back at pictures..

Arlee Bird said...

Disneyland is pretty special and trips across country can be such fun. For me every year has been filled with a variety of fun times and it would be difficult to single out one thing that was best. But the summers of childhood are hard to beat.

Tossing It Out

Brandi said...

Oh the concerts! I love them! :)

Jen said...

I know what mean about all of them being special! I could of written a book about all my favorite summer memories! I especially love what you said about currently making a memory!! So important!