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Daily Journey

Thursday, June 30, 2011

365 Days Of Pictures ~Day 127

Watching the trees fill in from a long Winter!
These are a few of the trees left from all the clearing that they did; when the new owners had all the bush and tree removal done in the early Spring.
It looks so sparse to me.
But am happy to see the greenery filling in.
Not the lush beauty I was use to having.
But I am happy they left these few trees.

Canopy Of Green
Do you like a lot of trees around for shade and beauty?


Thisisme. said...

I'm so glad that the new owners left a few trees for you! I have lots of trees in my garden, and, although I love them, it is hard work in the winter when you have to collect all the leaves!!

AllMyPosts said...

Happy to see so many trees!!

I don't get to see such things often!! Only in photographs! Ha Ha!!

with warm regards
Another Author

jaerose said...

You forget to see the leaves return at times don't you..looks like a lovely little grove..Jae

Anonymous said...

Hey lady! Not sure if you have it but sending you the link to my personal blog...if you wanna keep in touch! it's all ME over there :) Sadly I'm just not motivated with my photography the past couple weeks. bummer I know. but my life is full force and nonstop :)

Rainbow said...

I love the pic today...I love trees the more the merrier!!!
I will share mine with you


forgetmenot said...

Bethe, Thank you so much for your VERY nice comments-I really appreciate them. I love all the things you are thankful for in you "Thankful Thursday". We all need to appreciate what we have-we are sooooo blessed. Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend. Hugs, Mickie :)

rainbow said...

When my brother-in-law left Texas to help build New Bonnieville in Oragon he took a lot of ribbing about trying to save the trees where they were building the new homes. He would mark as many as he could, to save and if any of his help damaged one of his marked trees they sure got a talking to like a redheaded step child. Everyone else would say, "Why do the extra work to save a tree when there are so many?" He would just say "Visit the Texas plains and say that." Glad to see you took a lesson from him. THANKS FOR TAKING UP FOR THE TREES. Hope you have a GREAT WEEKEND.