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Daily Journey

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Your Name ~Challenge "E"

In this challenge we are to write something in each letter of our name.
I am using my full given birth name which is:
So today's first letter in my name is:


When I think of the letter "E" in my name it stirs up visions of elegance.
I think of Queens and Princess's.

I am the further est from any one of those three.
I am not a Queen!
Only in my mind.
Of course I am the Queen of my home.
I'm not a Princess.
Though I am the child of the most high God.
So I guess I am;
His Princess!
I don't think I have ever been any ones Princess.
I was the oldest of three girls so maybe we are my dad's  little Princess's.
I never was called one so...
But I could be.
Elegant has never been a word that describes me.
Edgy, exciting would be more to the liking of my personality
But I can say I have had an array of descriptive words said about me; 
and I don't recall elegant being one of them.
Though I have always wanted to be elegant and grand like a Queen.
So when I think of the letter "E" in my name it is what I think of.

When you look at the first letter in your name what do you think of?


Rainbow said...

You are so elegant when you write!!! I love your spirit. I am getting blog burn out :( I am thinking of taking some time off, I will keep up with comments if I do. I will let you know.


Anonymous said...

first letter of my name is D so, delerious, delightful, doubtful, dingbat, droopy....I could go on but I won't..

Clare Dunn said...

Mine is "C" --- for Cute, Cute, Cute!!!


...doing the challenge, too, but can't get Linky to work for me. my blog is

xoxoxo, cd

carol said...

My is C and I think Of Caring ~ because I Care....

upinthecosmos said...

Elegant, yeah... that wouldn't fit me either! I think of melon with my first name:-) Love it! I like edgy, I think it's great to be edgy:-)