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Daily Journey

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

21 Day Summer Challenge~ Day 13: Summer Craft

June 22-Day 13: Summer Craft
 You know I really don't know if I have one or not.
I do have crafts that I do love doing.
But if it is just specific for Summer?
I don't think so!
But I do enjoy my needlepoint.
I have been dappling in scrape booking.
Over the past few years.
Though I did  do some at a church retreat with the ladies a long time ago.
Really did enjoy it.
Spendy little hobby actually.
But I do love my needle craft.
Summer hobby?
Maybe taking picture's with my camera.
Does that one count as a hobby?
Just really don't know as I actually have one that is specific to Summer.
They are actually all things that I enjoy year round.
That is something I enjoy.
But alas that kinda has had a lid put on it with all these darn rules here.
I just did patio gardening in the pots.
Lots and lots of flowers.
Wild life watching!?!
All these things I enjoy and try to do year round.
Happy crafting!
Do you have a special craft you enjoy?


Jen said...

I doesn't really need to be specific to summer, just something you enjoy doing DURING the summer! It's your blog so you can make the rules!! Ha! I would definitely say photography and gardening would count as a summer craft for sure!!

Sarann said...

Hmmm, I didn't count my garden as a craft, I was thinking it's a hobby, but it take a lot of my time in the summer!

Rainbow said...

I think many things we do on a daily basis can be crafts...I have lots n lots of crafts, I am getting into scrapping also... ;)

was great talking to you yesterday