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Daily Journey

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bucket List ~ Six

Today on my bucket list I thought I would write about playing the piano.
I know how to chop stick and bang on them a bit. But to know how to play the piano, NOT AT ALL!
It is truly something that I wish I had learned.
So it is on the bucket list to learn.
It is never to let to learn or go back to school.
So this is one of the things I need to go back music to school and learn.
I have many friends that play the piano. My mother plays, my youngest sister owns a piano and desires to learn herself.
My daughters learned to play instruments when they where in elementary school. They didn't stick with it though. I never wanted to learn an instrument I guess, not that I remember anyways. I messed around with a guitar once with a few friends that played.
We had an Organ in the that my mom was learning to play and we all learned to play chop sticks on it and a few other tunes. I remember playing "This Old Man" on it. We all loved it but weren't aloud to touch it unless mom or dad was with us. I love music.
I was really into theater when I was kid. I started out young and got into Thespians through school and performed a lot in Drama.
Music just seemed to elude me. Though I had plenty of friends that played in band and those who sang. I just never ever seemed to lean that direction.
So know that I'm aging with grace I need to learn this instrument the piano.
So for day six on the bucket list is learning to play the piano.
Besides my mother told me I have piano fingers. So I wonder why she never had me learn? I guess I will have to ask her that question. Maybe we just didn't have the fiances for the classes. She was a single mom raising four kids back when you never heard of women doing that; so.........

So head over to Gina's to add to the bucket list link over at "Rainbow's Daily Life"
Check out all her wonderful bucket list places where her honey and her plan on visiting. You will be blessed.

Do you play an instrument? What kind?


aimee said...

I remember when I was little my sister and I went to piano lessons but I thought it was boring so I did not go back. But I wish I continued learning to play the piano. It would be great to know how to play one instrument. Thanks for stopping by at Girl Talk. Happy WW!

Amanda said...

It's never too late to learn. And piano is really awesome, of course I'm biased here - played piano for 7 years. Looking forward to picking it up again one day.

Missy Schranz said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and your lovely comment about my writing on Gina's blog. Your blog is very good and I agree with you. I'd love to play piano, too. I used to play the flute a long time ago in school and was pretty good, but as the years passed I played less and less. I love listening to pretty music now. God bless and hope you feel better!


Rainbow said...

I love this blog :) I play the piano, played the clarinet, sax, and oboe. It is never too late to learn. So go on follow your dreams...and thank you for keeping the list going..I will post new one tonight.

I hope you are feeling better