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Daily Journey

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

21 Day Summer Challenge~ Day 12: How do you BEAT the HEAT?

June 21-Day 12: How do you BEAT the HEAT?
This one is so funny to me!
Actually for several reasons.
I am cold until it is around 90 degrees or more. 
You will see me with layers on until then; so I am able to shed them as I feel the need.
Unless I'm in the sun by the pool sunning myself for that gorgeous to die for tan.
Which is a great place to cool off at.
I live in the Pacific North West which is never hot in my opinion.
There is always liquid sunshine to be found year round.
Never seems to be a shortage on that at all.
It has been raining even up to today. 
I just put the portable heater away as well today.
I just used the heater over the weekend.
So thinking about what I would do to beat the heat  surely makes me laugh!
But if I had to find away to beat the heat.
It would be a trip to the beach to lay out near the water with a frosty.
Pool side with my floating gear so I could lay in the water and dip my legs in; while I sunned at the same time.
So send the "HOT" weather I am ready!
Not sure whether the rest of the Pacific North West is.
But I am!
What do you consider to hot?


Anonymous said...

Oh wow I consider about 75 degrees Fahrenheit to be hot (its not so much that temp. but the sun I can be hot in 50 degrees with the sun directly on me) I think both of us have thermostat issues lol

Amy said...

we really have not had too much hot weather just yet.. We are suppose to get some rain today.. We shall see. I would love to go to the beach and have a frosty also..

Jen said...

I am so jealous of all you who have cooler summer weather!! I knew it was going to be a HOT summer here and I am over it already and today is just the FIRST day of summer! I am afraid I am going to have to put up with this heat for awhile!! I'll send you some heat and you could send us some RAIN!!! We need it terribly!!

Shanda said...

Luckily being in Southern California, even when it does get above 100 it still cools down in the evening! But we lived in Central America where I had to change clothes several times a day because it was so hot and humid. Saps your evergy.
Thanks for visiting my blog. No, never heard the outcome of the mother and child. The baby was discharged about the time I left and there was no way to communicate.

Shanda said...

Sorry to reply on msg. Your email was not you can delete the comment :)

Sarann said...

We are having unseasonably cool weather this year, usually we are well over 100 by now, but we are barely breaking 90 this week. I have been enjoying it!

Rainbow said...

I do not even consider 100 to be hot, as I hate cold weather!!!

Bob is getting dangerous thunderstorms as I am please keep him in your prayers.


Kathe W. said...

HOT is 90....or 75 if you haven't had a day without rain! Thanks for all your nice comments! I am off to Colorado Friday so look forward to new vistas !