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Daily Journey

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

21 Day Summer Challenge~ Day 5: Summer Vacation (Past or Present)

June 14-Day 5:  Summer Vacation (Past or Present)
Okay so this year I don't think I have like any vacation that is planned or coming my way.
Do I want one?
Can I afford one?
If God supplies!
So it says past or present.
Looks like we will be looking at some past since I have no future one planned... as of yet!
So these all are from past Summer adventures.
The picture of Son-In-Law and grandson with me is when I made a surprise visit to Sacramento to surprise the girls and grandchildren. That was so much fun. They had no idea.
Their faces where worth a million. Funny too one called and I was talking to her like I was in Portland. Way too funny! One of the best trips I ever made.
The next two pictures are of one of my many trips to Dalles, Tx. It is a trip I always look forward to making in either July or August. (Wont be going this year. Sad!)
One of the photos is with my Mary Kay girlfriends, the other relaxing pool side. What a wonderful week it is too.
The last photo I didn't travel far. Just to the city zoo with a few classmates that I hadn't seen in a very long time. One was visiting from Nebraska. It was so much fun!

So I maybe doing mini vacations around the area.
The zoo, the hikes around water falls, maybe a mini trip to the beach. You just never know. Whatever strikes my fancy. 


Mary Kay Seminar
Dalles, Tx

Relaxing In The Sun
Dalles, Tx
Water Fun At The Zoo

 Do you like to do a lot of mini vacations around the area or on long one?


Susanne said...

We used to go to a ZOO every summer when I was young. It was just like a summer-must, hah

Amy said...

We will be doing the same thing.. Staying around town.. I do want to go to the zoo for sure..

Rainbow said...

lovely post today :) on my blog you couldn't find on the "old blogs" that is the link... ;)

Hope you are doing well

Jen said...

Sometimes stacations are just as nice!! Hope you get to have a mini vaca even it's just something close to home! Love your pictures!!