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Daily Journey

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Kyah!

Today is my beautiful Kyah's birthday. She is my youngest daughters daughter.
She is so shy and beautiful, not to mention talented too.
She turns nine today.
It doesn't seem possible.
Kyah, and her brother along with all of their cousins are growing so fast.
It just seems like yesterday the Lord blessed us with her along with each one of the grandchildren.
She reminds me of her mom so much when she was younger. Rae was shy until you got to know her.
Kyah is much like her mom was at this age quiet till you get to know her.
Kyah is quiet and extremely sensitive just like her mom was.
This precious gift from heaven above.
Lord thank you for blessing us with Kyah this wonderful gift and treasure from above.
Kyah Grandma wishes you the most wonderful and blessed birthday.


Love that surrounds us with her beauty
Shyly skips through life with wonder
Eager to learn all she can
A family gift and treasure
All wrapped up in the wonder of Kyah
The love that she unfolds daily
Through her curious beauty of life
Meekly she comes with a smile of joy and wonder
Each moment a treasure and gift from above
Kyah's love surrounds us with her giggles and laughter
Each moment a memory to hold
Endless love


Kyah & Mema
 These pictures where taken at the ball park in Rio Linda, Ca. when I was there visiting. (May21,2011) We were watching her brother play baseball. It was a lovely afternoon. Her brother won his ball game that day as well.

Do you have a lot of Summer birthdays to celebrate in the Summer months or are they in the Winter?


Linda said...

Beth...Kyah is lovely! I hope your sweet granddaughter had a nice Birthday today. And that she will have a good year ahead.

Ten is a good age. We have a grandson, Silas, who turns ten this month too. And as you know, our granddaughter Abigail just turned 18. Don't blink...before you know it your little girl will be happens so fast!

Glad you got to visit her recently. I enjoyed seeing the picture of the two of you.

God Bless!

Rainbow said...

what a lovely photo of Kyah :) thank you for sharing.

Your blogs always make me smile ;)

how are you feeling?

My birthdays are from June till Sept (only a few in the winter

Thisisme. said...

Beautiful poem that you have created for that lovely granddaughter of yours. Happy birthday Kyah. That's a lovely photo of the two of you together, Bethe.