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Daily Journey

Sunday, June 12, 2011

21 Day Summer Chanllenge~ Day 3 What do you think of when you hear the word Summer?

June 12-Day 3:  What do you think of when you hear the word Summer?
 When I think of Summer I think of water, boats and relaxing.
I think of fun by the sea side, or any watery area where one can have some fun in the sun with some water; time on  water skies or any other water toy I can find or think of.
Kids playing and splashing making sand castles in the sand with motes of water.
I think of long lazy days on the beach with bonfires at night.
Toasted marshmallow's and homemade smore's.
I think of the sun beating down on me shining its face upon me.
Tanning my bod a nice shade of golden brown.
Just as the Lord shines upon me with His precious love.
Summer makes me feel all warm and full of joy and happiness.
Summer evokes a multitude of warm happy fuzzies.

Cruising The Columbia Gorge

Cool Breezes On The Water
On Summer Day

 Do you own a boat or go boating with friends?


Anonymous said...

Swimming, water activities so envious! I am not there yet not really sure if there will be enough consecutive days of warmth for it. Sounds like a blast!

Jen said...

Growing up we had boat. I loved going to the lake where we'd go fishing, water ski and just play in the water! Loved it!! I love your last paragraph where you compared God's love to Summer!! Perfect!!

To answer your question, no that is not my front porch! Wish it were though!!
Have a biessed Sunday!!


Amy said...

We have a Family Boat Business. Which means we do not have a boat. My husband works on them all of the time.. I do like to ride in a boat though..

Chelle said...

I love that!

Brandi said...

I love anything with water, and boats! Unfortunately at this time, no boat for us. Hopefully someday though!