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Daily Journey

Thursday, June 30, 2011

21 Day Summer Challenge~ Day 21: Independence Day

So today is the last day of the Summer Challenge!
It has been so much fun!
Thank you Jen for hosting this incredible fun challenge!
It doesn't seem like we should be done yet!
But we are.
Just yet another sign of how fast time flies when you are having fun!
May each of you have a super blessed Summer!
Looking forward to reading about all of your Summer travels and adventures.
Thank you for joining me on this Summer Challenge journey.
Guess I need to go make some Summer adventures and memories myself.
I will be catching up with you at the fourth of July party!
June 30-Day 21: Independence Day


Lets say they aren't as fun as when the girls where small and living at home.
They are much quieter now!
But still a lot of fun!
Though I must say I have had some awesome 4th of July's!
We have always done big bashes.
Lots of crazy fire works.
Always fun!
Watching money burn and explode!
BB Q'S with family and friends.
When I was living at my brothers and I didn't have to work I would bring some of the grandchildren up.
Then it would be just like when he girls were young.
Lots of family, friends, food, and fire works.
But times have changed.
Last year I was in Klammath Falls, Oregon.
It was a great time!
This year hubby actually has it off.
We will BBQ
I actually have a friend coming in from Bend, Oregon that I went to school with in California.
She will stop by and see us, spend some time visiting and catching up.
I'm actually looking forward to this visit.
I haven't seen her in more than ten years.
I was thinking of going to my moms up in Poulsbo, Washington with my sisters niece and great nephew.
But ...
I think being home with hubby and enjoying the fireworks around here will be plenty.
Plus seeing my girlfriend.
What a wonderful time I'm sure it will be.
The fourth of July is always something to celebrate around here.
We may not get as wild and crazy as we once did.
But I am still married to a man that is like a little kid when it comes to the fire works.
Piro comes to mind!
Love him so much.
So I'm sure we will have some crazy fun!
Do you have big plans for the fourth of July weekend?


Thisisme. said...

Congratulations my friend. You've completed another challenge. Well done you! That one seemed to slip by very quickly, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

That's really awesome about meeting your friend again after all that time. My stepdad is in his early 80s now and he still goes down to the lake and has all the neighbors over for a huge fireworks display, I don't think men every grow out of it lol

Amy said...

Congrats on doing the challenge.. It was fun meeting you and reading and learning about you.. They are doing a lot of things on July 3rd here so I will be doing some of those things.. I am not sure what the 4th holds my husband has to work in the afternoon until late that night.. I know we will have a great one.. Enjoy your 4th..

Rainbow said...

Vegging out at home is my idea of a fun filled holiday especially when we are in triple digit temps...I want to go watch the fireworks, but do not want to get a heat stroke in the process. The over night low (yes low has been in the lower to middle 90s)

Blessings hope you have a safe and sound 4th