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Daily Journey

Monday, June 20, 2011

Your Name Challenge~ "B"

In this challenge we are to write something in each letter of our name.
I am using my full given birth name which is:
So today's first letter in my name is:


"B" is for beauty!
I like to think that the beauty is shining outward from within.
The reflection of the beauty that my mother spoke about when we were young.
The beauty that makes you beautiful.
The beauty that my mom always said is," beauty is as beauty does."
The beauty that shines through to the exterior from the interior of who we are.
Where are action speaks louder than words.
One that respects and honors those around them.
Doesn't think highly of themselves.
The sweet smiles the generous giving spirit.
The love and compassion one shows for another.
The one that is willing to give of ones self and not expect anything back in return.
The kind of love that our Father in heaven teaches in His word.
The reflection of who He is.
That is the beauty I pray I reflect.
I'm not one of those drop dead gorgeous women that turns heads.
Nor the girl next door.
But I want to believe that I am that beauty that shines everyday.
The beauty that brings that smile and encouraging word.
The beauty that is shining when she walks into a room it lights up.
The beauty that everyone wants.
The beauty that they want to understand and have.
 The beauty that draws and reflects love.
The beauty that each one of us has inside of us.
 Its that beauty that comes from first knowing Him who first loved us.
Our Lord and Savior!
It is that beauty that shines through even when you feel dark and gray.
The beauty my mom instilled in us when we where yet young children.
 The beauty the word of God teaches us in His word that is a reflection of Him.
It is the beauty of the light of the living God inside of us.
The true beauty that is God gives us to pour out daily to one another.
That is the beauty I hope is reflected in me daily.
Thank you mom for teaching me these simple lesson and for God so loving me that He is reflected in me.
His beauty!

What do you see as beauty?

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