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Daily Journey

Monday, June 13, 2011

21 Day Summer Challenge~Day 4: Summer Goals

June 13-Day 4:  Summer Goals
Gosh I never thought about Summer goals. As I have always been so busy. Not to mention I don't like goal setting. Though over the last ten years have learned to use them and to make them. Not one of my favorite things to do. Much rather NOT!
But.... I actually have a huge one for this Summer that needs to be done.
 I guess you could call it a goal because it surely has to be done and completely finished before Summer's end.
 Working in the garage and cleaning it up. Oh yes! It is a scary place to be in my garage.
 It will take a bit to go through everything. This is much better than it was too.
We had closed out two store rooms, moved from brothers where I had things in a double car garage, a huge shed, plus what we moved out of the house. So........As you see I have a lot to do. Not to mention I have really cleaned it up a ton! Though it may not appear that way right now.
Still lots to do.
Goal to park at least one vehicle in the garage before Summer's end.
Please feel free to check back with me and see how the project is going. Its called accountability!
I will surely need it on this one.
So I don't think I will add any other Summer goal.
Though I'm sure I have them and need to put them on the list.
Oh Yea!
Go back to the gym. {LAUGHING}
I will!

Though it always seems Summer is planned before it gets here. Heading here and there. But.... It appears I have to finish this nightmare up before any FUN!

Hiding The Scary Behind The Doors



Easy Side

Not To Bad Here

Oh My Gosh!


Do Easy Side First

Really Do You Need All That?
Do you have a nightmare project?


Jen said...

Yes, I would say our spare bedroom is pretty scary and it too is on my list for this summer!! It's the room that gets all our junk! The one where we don't know where to put something room!! I'd love to make it into a craft room or maybe a nursery when the Lord grants up a baby!! Either way it's got to be cleaned this SUMMER!!

Anonymous said...

I know you will get there. I am in the process of moving its so exhausting I'll probably spend the rest of my summer recovering lol I need to get back to the gym too when I get the membership money together I love the gym =)

Chelle said...

I say hire a professional and let them do it! LOL! Seriously, I love cleaning out and organizing rooms. Once it's done, you will love it.

Brandi said...

WOW! That is one BIG project! I thought my craft room was scary, but it looks very small in comparison! I hope you get it completed this summer! Can't wait to see pictures of it all done!

Rainbow said...

You have a very large project on your hands wow....I do not have a garage but several rooms in my home look like that...(thankfully company knows nobody goes in there)


Amy said...

Good luck.. YOu can do it.. I know you can.. Have a great night..