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Daily Journey

Saturday, June 18, 2011

21 Day Summer Challenge~ Day 9: Childhood Swimming Memory

June 18-Day 9:  Childhood Swimming Memory
 Swimming is something I just love.
I have always loved the water.
I cannot remember a time in my life where I didn't live near a body of water or near a pool.
As an adult I have just loved being near the water.
As a child just being in the water.
Like most kids I remember taking swimming lessons at the near by public pool.
I'm not a good swimmer my any stretch of the word.
I was never a strong swimmer. 
But you could always find me in the pool or in the water I was near.
I remember once being at a neighbors pool when I was just learning to swim and had told everyone what a good swimmer I was.
Not smart.
 I almost drowned that day.
That started the love hate affair with the water.
I was determined I was going to learn how to swim really good.
Then when I was a young teenager my dad I talked about me learning how to become a life guard.
  I was eager to take the classes and become a life guard.
I had to over come my fear of diving.
Which I have never liked nor do I to this day.
That was the hardest part for me.
It took everything I had to pass that class so I could be a life guard.
I was so determined.
And I did pass!
Now I was eligible to become a life guard!
My most favorite memory from childhood swimming though would have to be the year I took water ski lessons.
Camp was a week long.
I begged and begged till dad said yes.
You see I had to make up some classes in Summer school.
So this was something that I really wanted.
So naturally I had to bring those grades up to do so.
I have many fond memories of my Summers near the water and the fun I had.
You could always find me with a swim suit on near a body of water or pool side enjoying the sun rays and the water.
To this day I would rather be near a body of water in the sun soaking the rays and water skiing or body surfing.
But ... as life would have it I'm not as young as I use to be. 
So now I must enjoy watching all the young ones learning and enjoying the water activities.
I still soak up every minute of the sun rays and the fun near the water.
I will even try some of the crazy things they do now.
And there are some I will do!
But must take the lessons to do so.
{For another blog post.}
But over all my body isn't what she use to be.
Soaking up every minute of the Summer.
Did you take swim lessons or teach yourself?


Thisisme. said...

Like you Bethe, I adore the water and have always lived near it. Like you also, I now have to watch the young ones enjoying the seaside, although I still like to feel the sand between my toes!

Jen said...

I don't live near a body of water BUT I do love the water!! I loved water skiing when I was younger. It's been years since I've done it! I remember how hard it was learning how to get up on those skies but once you're it's OH SO FUN!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow congrats that is an accomplishment! I really could use swim lessons, I have nearly drowned also. I am scared of diving too I tried once and I was in perfect form but then I heard people cheering for me and my feet came up behind and I managed to hot myself in the head with my own feet!!! I hit myself hard and hit the bottom of the pool. To this day I do not know how that was humanely possible! Water-skiing sounds awesome, never tried it but I might be too clumsy lol

Amy said...

I took lessons as a child. I have even put my little one in lessons. I want her to feel comfortable and be safe around the water.. I think Lessons are a must.. I still love the water..