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Daily Journey

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

21 Day Summer Challenge~ Day 20: Summer Outings

June 29-Day 20: Summer Outings
 I seem to do those as often as I can.
Hubby and I just went on a short little one up the road this weekend to Bonneville Dam.
We love going to the Dam and watch the fish on the fish ladder.
All the gates where open on the dam. The water was so intense!
The river is at flood stage and has been.
It was very surreal to see the river so high and all the islands underwater with the tree tops poking just above the water.

Bonneville Dam

Love going on day hikes.
Drives to little townships.
Drives to surrounding lakes.
Up to the mountain or the beach.
The greatest thing about where I live is I can go on day trips and outings all year round and get the best of every season.
I never tire of the beauty where I live.
I can go in any direction and be on a mini outing day trip, weekend adventure or make it a week long vacation or... whatever.
One of the beauties of the Pacific North West.
You can never be without an adventure as one is always around the next bend if you are willing and able.
That would be me.
Spare of moment ready and willing to hit the road on an adventure.
Do you like going on mini adventures for the day or weekend?


Anonymous said...

I love impromptu road trips my husband and I used to do that a lot but now that I have a daughter its trickier because we have to think of her napping schedule and such. That sounds completely awesome wow!

Thisisme. said...

I love your sense of adventure, Bethe. Good for you I say!! I love day trips as well and I think we are both so lucky in the area that we live, in that we have such beauty close by. Blessings indeed my friend.

Amy said...

Oh what fun adventures you go on.. I do love to go out and about any time I can.. It is fun just to get up and go.. Have a great day..

rainbow said...

The Bonneville Dam is a beautiful sight. I was there in '74 and '80. The first time it was our first car trip with a 3 year old and a 18 month old, 4 days up and 4 days back. Actually my first trip out of Texas. You can not realize the culture shock from the treeless plains to real trees all around you. Both times it was a three week vacation with one week vacation and two weeks job hunting. Guess God has more plans for us here, my ex-husband and I are both still in Amarillo and guess we always well be. Can't wait to take Jerry (hubby now) up there for a visit. IT IS SOO BEAUTIFUL UP THERE, GOD'S COUNTRY FOR SURE.

Sarann said...

The northwest is very beautiful, I would love to go back and explore it more.

Jen said...

That dam looks amazing! We need some of that water in Texas! It's been SO dry! Sounds like a fun day!

Rainbow said...

I love the post today :) bethe, I am not sure why you can't see my post...please do me a favor..when you have your browser open...(hit the ctrl and the + key) together this will zoom your screen in and (ctrl - will zoom out...I hope this helps

PS CK your mail