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Daily Journey

Monday, June 27, 2011

21 Day Summer Challenge~ Day 18: Summer Fashion

June 27-Day 18: Summer Fashion
I think I have Summer fashion down!

I love my shorts with a tank!
 Though as I have gotten older they seem to be more like the carpi's instead with a tank.
Though I still throw on a pair of shorts with a tank. 
I defiantly like to have my sun dresses.
These are a must have in the Summer.
Always have several pairs of sandal's and flip flops to choose from for foot attire along with fashion accessory's.
I also have to have my swimsuit for the pool/beach.

Don't forget those sunglasses for the perfect addition and fashion accessory.
I also like to have the fun jewelry accessories for the complete look as well.
An ankle bracelet.
Never leave home without earrings.
Flower in the hair!
Nice addition.
Did I forget to mention the sunhat!
Those are always lots of fun!

Need that perfect matching hand bag as well.
A Summer shawl for in the evenings when there is a light breeze or it is a bit cooler than planned.
What article of Summer wear can you not life without?


Jen said...

You sometimes I think it's the accessories that really help dress up even a simple outfit! I would love to wear some summer dresses but I can't seem to find any that fit right! I have one skirt that I have worn a couple of times lately and realize that it's probably cooler than my usual capris!! You just never know I may become a dress up girl after all!!

Amy said...

First off thanks for your sweet and kind words... They were way too kind and of course with my Pregnancy hormones it brought tears to my eyes.. thanks..

I love your Summer fashion and will be ready to have some great fashions next Summer..

Have a great day..

Rainbow said...

I love my toe rings, ankle bracelets, rings, my glasses are transition pretty fashionable could be worse...I Love summer dresses they are so cute and cool. I also love hats!!!
And flowers in your hair...reminds me of "scott mckenzie san fransisco (you should look it up if you haven't heard it.


Anonymous said...

I have my plugs and flesh tunnels in my ears all the time and of course my wedding ring but I really don't wear much accessories and I can't carry a handbag because I tend to just forget I have them and leave them lol I tried to one year lost my wallet twice and had a helluva of a time reclaiming my identity because my records were destroyed in a fire, yes a fire in the place that keeps birth certificates because don't you know my mom lost that too lol. I honestly wish I enjoyed wearing accessories though because they look awesome but I don't like being bogged down with stuff.