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Daily Journey

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Your Name Challenge~ "H"

In this challenge we are to write something in each letter of our name.
I am using my full given birth name which is:
So today's first letter in my name is:


Well today is my last day of this name challenge.
It has been a lot of fun working on the letters of my name.
It truly is amazing what you can write about.

The letter "H" in my name makes me think of the word humble.
I like to think that I am a humble person.
I know I'm very humbled by each and everyone of you who stop here and read my blog and follow me.
When I started this little blog I had no idea how I was going to be blessed.
With wonderful new friends from around the world.
How humbling is that?
With the opportunities to learn and grow in ways I had no idea.
Another very humbling experience.

I am humbled everyday that I go to work an am able to make my ladies look and feel better than when they came in to see me.
I love doing their hair and making them look more beautiful than the Lord has already made them.
Or better stated enhancing the beauty the Lord has blessed them with.
What a gift and experience that is.

I am humbled to have the three daughters the Lord has blessed with.
Then to be blessed with ten amazing grandchildren that make each day a golden moment.
I couldn't have dreamed such a wonderful gift and blessing as these children.
It has been a very humbling experience being their mom and grandmother.
Thank you Lord for entrusting me with such gifts.

I am humbled to have the wonderful family and friends I have in my life.
The Lord has truly blessed me!

Each day is a humbling experience as I go through each day.
As I see all the wondrous gifts I am blessed with through each moment of everyday.

To be loved by the God who created the Universe.
To have Him send His only begotten son for me that I might have life and life eternal.
The most humbling of all!
Is the love He gave to me the day He sent His son to die for me.
And each one of us.

I am humbled!

What humbles you?

1 comment:

Clare Dunn said...

10 Grands! You ARE blessed!

It has been great fun following you on this challenge. We have Stephanie to thank for that!

Keep in touch, now!

xoxoxo, cd