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Daily Journey

Friday, June 17, 2011

Photo Challenge From Twisted Fate~ Clouds

I have hundreds of pictures of the sky and the sky line with plenty of clouds.
It was hard to decide what I really wanted.
So I decided to just look through some photos.
I take pictures.everyday of the sky and trees.
The sky is always been fascinating to me.
I love making cloud formations. 
Next to CK I would say that those are my favorite subjects, the skyline and trees, with lots and lots of puffy clouds.
So I ran across this one of a very pretty blue sky with the feathering of clouds around the plane.
So I'm not sure if the plane caused those feathering clouds or if they where in the sky that day.
But it was really neat to me .
I said I need to think out of the box and do something a bit different. I kept coming back to this one, so I thought okay maybe this one will work.
It is simply blue with a light feathering of clouds breezing on by, with thoughts of travel.
My out of the box sky picture.
I'm thinking I should have picked some real huge puffy clouds with dark colors in it.
But for some reason this one strikes me and it is out of the box for me.
Mile High Travels
Do you like to fly?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I do love it! nice and soft! :)