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Daily Journey

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Prompt~ From Dodge Writes

Over at Dodge Writes

USE THESE WORDS Prompt... Today's words are WIDE-EYED, ADMITTEDLY, SHOVELFUL, BRAINWASHED, MASKED, FESTIVAL, PROTECTED, OVER WOUND, GAWKINESS, JOVIAL...The rules are you must use 8 of the 10 words as they are given in prose or poetry form... OURS IS...

I am wide-eyed in love
Admittedly crazy for love
A shovelful of radical love
I have been brainwashed
And masked in love
The festival of crazy love
Starts here today
It is protected by those who love
Never the over wounded
The gawkiness of this game of love
Is a jovial adventure


So this is the crazy little diddy I came up with for the words above. I really wanted to try and write something but this is what it is. My daughter Heather said she kind of liked it when I read it to her. So maybe ...

Do you like writing funny little diddy's?


JL Dodge said...

Beth you are amazing ! Love how you used our words, as always thank you for joining us !!

Stephanie said...

Hello there!
So I just posted on my blog saying that I will be having a small challenge. You can check out my blog and read what it says. I wanted to know if you can help me spread it out. It's just a simple challenge and hopefully it will be fun. Thank you so much :)

Susie Swanson said...

You are an amazing writer. You and JL pull it out of the hat...Susie