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Daily Journey

Monday, June 20, 2011

PlayDate ~ Hair

Today is Monday and over a "Wellspring" it is play dates. Laura host a lovely hop and inspiration on Mondays. Please go check her out. I assure you you wont be disappointed

I had planned on telling one of two other stories here today.
This one came along on Saturday, out of pure boredom.
This is a lesson in what not to do when bored.
Much easier to find a good book or movie instead.
But brought great laughter to myself and many others as this story unfolds, I hope you join in as well with some laughter on me.

I am going to tell you this play date story in pictures.
Because if I wrote it all out I don't think you would get all the true full effective of it and the humor.
Nor the humor I had to find in it as well.
As you will see as the photos unfold.
You will understand as you stroll through each photo.
There are a lot more than I would like to post of ones self.
It is apart of the story as it unfolds through the hours of the day. 
But it is so humorous and to get the fullness of it I thought you would have to see the snaps of the day.

I was extremely bored on Saturday and I had been wanting to put blond highlights into my hair. 
Just a few light streaks in the very front to soften my face a bit.
As I thought my hair was just to dark and harsh for around my face.
Well I can surely tell you that isn't what happened and well....
It was a day of some of the most interesting hair colors with great responses that came with the colors of my hair.
Rainbow doesn't come to mind!
Humor and laughter?
So I posted a few shots of my hair mess on Face Book.
My daughter wanted to to hit the dislike button.
Said I was one Hot Mess!
One friend said,"Looks like pretty woman."
And we know what scene she was referring to too.
Hubby kicked me out of the store where he works and said, "I was embarrassing."
Then called later to see if I was fixing the "Hot Mess!"
The stares I got where comical at best.
So my play date as such as it was; was a process of making a mess and correcting it.
It is a good thing I didn't take any of it personally.
Or I would have been in big trouble.
Lesson learned here.
When bored don't get out the bleach or color bottle.
Strange things can and will happen.
Even for the professional!
Sure glad I have a great sense of humor.


Proverbs 16:31

Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained by a righteous life.

Luke 12:7

Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.

Should have read the words of love about my hair in scripture and took them to heart instead of making my own "Hot Mess!"
I think God truly knows what He is doing.
Will I still play with bleach and color?
Oh Yes!
Will I let the gray come out and play?
I love being able to have some fun with my hair and take a few years off.


Needing An Adventure!

Bleach That Is What I Can Do

Bleaching The Hair Out

OH! Dear! Did I...


What In The World?


What Have I Done?

I Really Did!

Oh Beth!

Headed Out For Correction

Adding Color

Already Better!


Don't Look Now You May Have It Fixed

Looking Much Better



I Did It!

One Smart Cookie

I Think We Can Live With This

I'm Thinking It Will Work

Can You Believe All Of This?
I'm not sure I'm Feeling It

It Is Much Better?

Can We All Be Happy?

I'm Thinking




Have you ever made a hot mess out of your hair?


Clare Dunn said...

OH my, oh my! You certainly ran the gamut, hair-color wise!

I like the final result, very much!

Thank you for coming by my blog, and for your nice comments. I will continue to visit you!

xoxoxo, your gray-headed friend, Clare

Thisisme. said...

Oh my, oh my. Yes, I like the end result, but I'm glad you got rid of the colour in the middle! LOL!! Hope your husband and daughter like it better now!

melody-mae said...

Beth...this is awesome! I too have made a HOT mess of my hair before...once it turned almost pink...LOL

you rock for being brave enough to share it with us and also to laugh at yourself!!!

Sush said...

I remember the day my big sis put 'Sun In' on my hair and it was a lovely shade of orange! I thought my Mother would murder us both. I've had quite a few shades since then but enjoy the play. I know how you feel about playing with color, after all it's only hair. Your final results are great!

Amy said...

You are a brave woman! I just started highlighting my hair about a year ago--twice a year:) I need to read and reread the Proverb about gray hair being a crown of splendor! That's what motivated me. . . hiding the gray. Well, you did have an adventure--and it ended beautifully!

Melissa said...

OMgoodness! Note to self, do not hang with Beth and bleach when boredom sets in, lol. I like the color you started out with and the ending is good too. Um, the middle color isn't bad--just different :) Sorry that you almost got disowned by the fam. You look marv-a-lous and I hope you were reclaimed quickly. My hair is usually a hot mess all the time, thank God for ponytails!

Susie Swanson said...

Oh Beth this is to I did like it when I saw you on fb. I still like it despite what everybody said.. And to answer your question, YES, i certaintly have made a mess of mine in the past. I let my sister-n-law froast it one time (she's not a professional) and I beacme a complete I've always had brown hair with some highlights occasionally, but I could have died. Everyone laughted at me. I had to run and buy color and change it.. we all got a good laugh out of that.. Susie

Holly said...

So funny!! I rather liked your hair and I'm quite certain that God was smiling about it too! Where else do we get our creativity than from the Creator Himself!
Thanks for brightening my day!

Shanda said...

Love the hair cut, the final color, and the fact that you had the nerve to post it all!!! Great job.

Laura said...

You look gorgeous! And I love how you are laughing through this. What a brave lady you are! I've never had a hot mess with color but I sure have had some cuts I would describe as such. Too bad you aren't on call to WV!

Rainbow said...

I love the new color it is soo pretty!!! You made me smile and yes I have done that before but wasn't smart enough to figure how to do it on my own to get it corrected. I remember one time in the summer I bleached it back blonde went in the chlorine pool and it turned GREEN this was in the late 70's to early 80 heck today I would have been so cool having green hair..that didn't set right being green back then.

Hope you are doing well

Randi said...

How fun! Best cure for bordom yet!

Linda said...

The end result is very nice! You are brave to do it yourself! I am too messy...and too much of a chicken! (:>) And too allergic!

But I totally understand how it is to want a change! (:>)

Enjoy your new look!