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Daily Journey

Sunday, June 19, 2011

21 Day Summer Challenge~ Day 10: Summer MUST Haves

June 19-Day 10: Summer MUST Haves
 Summer must haves.
Well you must have a swimsuit for the beach/pool.
You must have sunscreen.
Don't forget those all to cute flip flops.
And if your like me one will never do.
A cover/wrap.
And don't forget the most perfect beach towel.
You may need more than one of these as well as one never seems to be enough.
The cute sandals to go with the perfect sundress.
I like a sunhat to go with my dress for a Sunday stroll.
Some shorts and tanks for when your just out playing in the sun or working in the garden.
Another must have is a nice pedi to go with those sandal's and flip flops.
The camera for all those awesome candid shots.
Spray bottle full of water to cool off by.
 Or spray someone unexpectedly for fun!
{Make sure this isn't going to upset them. Needs a good sense of humor.}
Don't forget those fashion diva sunglasses no girl would be caught without them.
I have several pairs of those as well.
It is a must to protect those eyes.
Don't forget the little ones too!
A good book for pool side or the beach.
I always like to have music.
So I would have said a CD player but I think the kids use something else now.
So I need to have the perfect beach bag to hold all of my goodies.
Don't fort the water that you need to be drinking as well to stay hydrated.
After sun lotion.
Don't want to feel like a snake from the sun.
So it is like one of the most important items for the season after being in the sun.
It would be the sun gel along with some body lotion.
There are other wonderful important Summer items as well.
There are my Summer outdoor toys that I consider a must as well.
The BB Q
Lawn furniture
Tiki lights
Hiking stick
Summer fire pit
To mention a few.
I guess you would say my Summer must have list is very endless.
I'm sure I could come up with many more if I sat and thought about all the important items I need to have the perfect Summer.
That I consider all the Summer must haves.
I couldn't just pick out one or a few each item is needed to make the perfect Summer.
The most important that isn't on my list is, family and good friends.
Which you have to have or there just wouldn't be the perfect Summer. 
That makes it perfect and those you cannot go without.
So I would defiantly say they are a must have on the list as well.
As they make the laughter the memories and the warmth of a great loving Summer.
So they my family and friends would be the one item I couldn't go without.
Can you pick out just one item for your perfect must have for Summer?


Anonymous said...

I love your closing sentiments! Wow I had trouble thinking of items up and then I read yours and was like oh yeah!

Holly said...

Wow, your list made me remember that I left ALOT of stuff out. Living in Florida a lot of those things are on my list all of the time not just for summer so it was hard to think of them!

Love your blog :)

Amy said...

I would have a hard time just picking one thing.. I loved your writing for this post.. You have a great list.. I love flip flops for sure.. Have a great day..

Brandi said...

I love this post! I was going to say BBQ too, but decided against it..shoulda put it on there! :)

Rainbow said...

You made me think of so ,many more things doh I forgot the swimsuit guess Ill go swimming in my shorts and tank top giggles.