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Daily Journey

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Your Name Challenge~ "A"

In this challenge we are to write something in each letter of our name.
I am using my full given birth name which is:
So today's first letter in my name is:

When I think of the "A" in my name I come up with many adjective's for it.
I think of my abilities to do certain things that are God given talents.
Or the abilities and talents that I went to school to learn.
My craft and work that I so love.
I think of attitude.
Which I have lots of.
I like to think it is good attitude.
A positive attitude that is contagious.
Action because I like to take action to accomplish the things in my life that need to be done.
Which would make me an achiever.
As I do achieve and accomplish what I have set out to do.
It may take me awhile but I will complete it.
Some may even take me a life time; but I will complete what I start.
I love adventure so I think of myself as an adventurist.
I look at life as a daily adventure.
I am as well an affectionate person.
I am over the top in this area as my family tells me.
I am easily amazed.
As I find life totally amazing!
Everything in life is amazing and so AWESOME!
 I am an anchor for my kids.
Just as my mom is too me.
I'd like to think I'm ageless, I think timeless would be better fitted.
But since we are using the letter "A" it is ageless.
So I am many adjectives with my letter "A".
I'm sure I am a few negative ones too.
But...... we wont go that direction.

Do you have big plans for Father's Day?


Susie Swanson said...

What a beautiful write. You are everyone of those and then some. Love, Susie

Arlee Bird said...

I give you a big A grade for that post. It was inspired.

Tossing It Out

Write My Essay said...

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