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Daily Journey

Friday, June 24, 2011

21 Day Summer Challenge~ Day 15: Summer Blockbuster

June 24-Day 15: Summer Blockbuster
So I usually am not one that pays the big block buster prices at the movie houses.
Though I do have some of the blockbuster releases that I do want to see.
I usually wait until they come out on DVD then I decide whether I want to make the movie purchase for my movie collection.
I'm sure my movie collection has plenty of older blockbuster movies that I would be delight to watch or re-watch again.
I am a movie buff!
Though I am sad to say I am a bit behind on my movies.
I sure have plenty of catching up to do.
So I actually could go back into some of the holiday releases and watch some of those that I truly wanted to see as well.
Movie Madness!
Here I come!
I will most likely pay the big dollars to go watch the "Pirates of the Caribbean" though at the theater.
I have went to the theater house to watch all of them.
Just need to take some time to do so.
Guess this needs to go onto the "to do list"!
Then I will purchase the DVD because I think this is a great movie series.
Hubby thought that "Kung Fu Panda" looked like something he would like to see. "
So here is a movie I will need to put on the list.
 Haven't seen the previous "Kung Fu Panda" so maybe I had better watch that one first.
"Fast Five" because I think Vin Diesel is hot just like the story line.
I need to stay on top of this movie series due to the fact my grandsons like these Fast movies.
So being the grandma that is hip; I have to keep up.
Car's 2 I heard was a good one from the lovely Gina.
Again this is a movie that I think I would have to go back and watch the first cars. Which I do have.
It would be a good one to watch with my little guy Brenden.
I'm sure he would love this one.
Mr. Popper's Penguin's is right up my aisle of comedy and laughter.
I think Jim Carrey is hilarious.
I do enjoy most of his movies.
So there is my Summer line up.
How many will I really get to see?
Before they are released on DVD ?
This is the 94 dollar question.
Or will I hit the stack that I haven't watched?
Or will I do the re-run watch of some of my old favorites and classics?
Goodness depends what mood I am in.




Mr. Popper's Penguins

Have you seen any of the above movies?


Anonymous said...

I have seen both Kung Fu Pandas I enjoyed them. I haven't seen Cars 2 I saw the first one but my daughter wasn't born then so I may watch them together with her.

Marilyn said...

Awesome movie list.. Love it.. YES we can do playground.. Wanna start on Sat since the week is over..? I'll create the post tomorrow and place it up ;)) TY so much again..

Jen said...

My hubby and I can NEVER agree on which movie to see so sadly I have to see most of mine once they come out on DVD!

Chelle said...

There are always ones I want to see, but I do not like having to pay the prices for them. For a movie? Eh, not worth the cost in most cases. LOL! I am more than happy to wait until they are out on DVD!

Rainbow said...

Your music is working again!!! I think it was the player and maybe blogger together.

Please ck your mail...I sent you a surprise :)

Glad you are ok

Gina n bob