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Daily Journey

Monday, June 20, 2011

21 Day Summer Challenge~ Day 11: Refreshing Beverage

June 20-Day 11: Refreshing Beverage
A refreshing beverage sounds like a nice tall glass of Ice Tea! with a slice of lemon in it.
Cooling and refreshing like a nice Summer breeze!
Yummy in the tummy!
Don't forget lots of ice.
Those cubes are great for sucking on; in this hot days of Summer.
I like to make sun tea.
But where we live we cannot have things like that out on the patio so......
I will make tea the old fashion way and chill it.
It is still yummy and refreshing.
Lots of sliced lemon for flavor with a hint of honey for sweeten.
When we lived at my brothers we would go through about three of those gallon jugs of sun tea a week.
Sun tea!
But in my case now I will be happy with a nice tall glass of ice tea with slice's of lemon and lots of ice, chilled in the refrigerator.
Put into a nice ice tea pot for serving on those hot sunny afternoons.
See you pool side!
Do you like lemon in your tea?


Anonymous said...

I used to drink ice tea a lot as a child because I am from the South I stopped when I stopped soda at 12 sometimes though I will have chilled white tea sans buckets of sugar. I love fruit in tea but not lemon. I don't like lemon anything I think I've cleaned one too many bathrooms with lemon cleaner (that was my mom's favorite kind) lol

Thisisme. said...

If only summer would arrive here in England. It is midsummers day tomorrow, and it is still chilly and damp!! I'm afraid it's a bit too cold for your lovely drink at the moment. I need something warm! :(

Jen said...

I do miss having a nice cold glass of ice tea!! And sun tea is the BEST!!

Amy said...

i do love Sun Tea.. I use to make it all of the time when I lived in Texas.. I do not like lemon in my tea.. Have a great day..

rainbow said...

Being a True Born Texan for 61 years Sweet Tea or Momma Tea as my boys called it, will always be my FAVORITE.

Rainbow said...

I love sweet tea YUMMM I make it the old fashioned way only I use some east coast twist to making it...I boil my sugar in my tea :) I like lemon in my tea, but prefer a good orange gives it a whole new taste.

Rainbow <>