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Daily Journey

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Write A Letter Wednesday~ Advice

Josie over at "Write A Letter Wednesday" gave us quite a challenge. It was to write a letter and give some advice. I'm not much on giving advice through a letter. But boy howdy can I face to face. So I'm giving it a try. If you'd like to read other letter wrote or would like to join in hop on over

Dear DS,
I'm not sure anyone has every informed you that it is easier to be kind and positive to others around you.
Finding fault and being negative all the time doesn't make anyone want to get up and do anything for you.
The nagging and fault finding makes them want to run in the other direction. To hide and not be around you at all.
It makes no one want to come and help you or be apart of what you are doing.
They are always worried and wondering if I do this or that or say this will they find fault?
No one wants to be around that kind of a person. They are draining on the soul.
I'm sure you find your soul tried and weak all the time with all that negativity coming out of you all the time.
I think you would find it much more productive and easier if you tried speaking with  positivity.
A more gentle and caring  tone.
It is much easier to smile and give a positive affirmation then to look for fault at every turn.
When you always look for fault they never want to do anything.
They think gee why?
They aren't every going to be happy with anything I do. So why should I even try?
When you praise them for their efforts, give them a bit of a pat on the back; tell them they are making your day a bit brighter by helping you. You would be surprised what efforts and amazing things would happen when you apply this to your communication skills daily. You will feel better and so will those around you.
A smile goes a long ways.
Just letting someone know that they make a difference is huge!
I think if you tried to be kinder and use a more positive attitude you would find you get much better results in your life.
You would be much happier as well.
Being negative and fault finding isn't good for anyone.
It actually is more damaging to you then anyone.
It causes many health problems and some that you can stop from happening.
You see it will cause you to be stressed needlessly.
Trying to do things that you need not do that you truly have no control over.
Yelling and making your stomach hurt.
Maybe raising your blood pressure as well which can result in so much more; strokes and heartaches.
I think you should stop and  think.
Don't focus on the negative but on the positivity. You would feel much better and so would those around you.
You make yourself all tense and upset when  really life is much to short to worry about those things you have no control over.
Finding the negative in everything doesn't make one happy. But if you found the positive you would be so much happier.
Try finding something once a day to be happy and positive about. I think you would find life is a much nicer place to be.
I think if you tried to enjoy life more and quit looking for things to complain about and being so negative about life and those around you; you would feel so much better.
I think your quality of life would improve greatly.
I am concerned and thought this little bit of advice would help you have a happier more positive life with more productivity.
If you would like to sit and talk and find ways to make this transition easier for you please let me know.
Id like to see you be happy and not so negative and stressed all the time.

Do you have people in your life that are draining and negative?


Thisisme. said...

That is such a good letter Bethe, with excellent words of advice. Every word you have written is just so true, and, yes, those people are so draining to be around. Very good post. Well done my friend! (See, I'm giving you a pat on the back. Hee Hee!!).

AllMyPosts said...

Soul really gets tired and negative due to negativity around!! Very true!!

cool advise!!

with warm regards
Another Author

Amanda said...

Very good advice Beth, thank you.

Josie said...

Ahhh Beth... what a great letter!! I had a friend who used to call such people "psychic vampires" because they were truly draining to be around. I once had a supervisor who was by far the most negative person I ever met. She was chronically unhappy, bitter, and negative about everything and everyone. It cast a long shadow over the office and it was hard to maintain a good frame of mind in her presence. I asked her many times to try a few positive comments now and then, and to tone down the negativity, but she didn't seem to understand. I think you make some really good points here. Maybe you can send this mail off or post it where DS might read it! We all do so much better when we dwell in the sunshine! Thank you for joining in on Write A Letter Wednesday! I am always eager to come and see what you've written. It looks like you were writing late into the night on this one! :-)

~Josie Two Shoes~
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