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Daily Journey

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Your Name Challenge~ "Z"

In this challenge we are to write something in each letter of our name.
I am using my full given birth name which is:
So today's first letter in my name is:


A little zany and fun loving I am.
So I pick the word zany for the letter "Z".
I'm not a clown or a buffoon... but I sure do love to have fun.
I am an original who loves to laugh and make others laugh.
I like it when others are having a great time.
It makes me happy!
When I see others happy!
So creating a little laughter along the way is a bit of my zany fun I have in life.
Not only do I like to laugh but I like to laugh at my own mistakes.
It makes life a bit easier when we laugh.
So being a bit zany helps the process.
Finding the humor and laughter along the way.
Because I think life is pretty funny actually.
Makes me think of the scene in the movie "Mary Poppins" where they are laughing and they end up floating up to the ceiling.
A bit like a "Spoonful Of Sugar" from the same movie.
Its like good medicine for the soul.
So very healing.
Life is to short to worry about all that is wrong in life.
 Or all the things we do wrong that need to be corrected.
It works out and with humor makes life much easier.
We need to laugh and have fun and not be so serious all the time.
Though I can be a very serious and intense person as well.
We need to move on and make the best of our life.
Laughter helps!
 So being a bit zany helps make my life much better along the journey. 
I don't think of myself as a joker or anything like that.
Just a fun loving character who loves life.
Unique and zany with big smiles, heaping portions of love and laughter.
A Zany Happy go luck girl!
I am!

How do you view yourself?


Anonymous said...

I too have my zany moments. Not as many now as when I was young but enough to entertain my grandchildren.

Brittney said...

love it! Yes laughter has an amazing healing effect i think its great

Stephanie said...

I agree!!! Smiling/laughing is the best medicine out there...a they say :)