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Daily Journey

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Twisted Fate Photo Challenge ~ Signs

Okay this photo challenge is a bit harder then some of the others I have done. In fact I had so many options and choices along with decision's to make. It made this challenge way more of a challenge for me. I could have worked on this one for weeks. Very hard! The photo I would like to put in I don't know where it is and I know it would be perfect. Nor do I know where to go to get what I'm thinking about. So .... With this in mind there is so many types and ways one can photography signs. I'm sure there are going to be some great ones in this challenge. I can hardly wait to see all the entries on this one. I had a rather large selection to choose from after going out today not to mention the ones I have archived. But... not the one I want; darn it!

So it just isn't Summer unless you are near a pool. There are lots of signs around the pool. Warnings and No Diving, Rules, just every kind of sign to take away the fun when your a kid at the pool side.
So I picked this picture as I love the reflection in the pool of the sign as well.
As you noticed no kids playing. Hmmm........Actually the pool is being repaired and perfect for the picture I thought. Soon it will be filled with much activity and children playing and swimming.
I used to live at the pool from about the end of March till late November when we lived in California when I was a kid. You couldn't get me away from it. The Summer and pool go hand and hand and bring back such great memories for me.

Stillness By The Pool
 Do you have a pool? Do you swim?


Kirsty said...

I'm going to a private pool this month... it's been about 7 years since I last got in a pool! I'm allergic to chlorine pools and salt water pools... but I'll tough it out because it'll be great fun!! Really need to do it more often. :D Great post for the challenge.

Nicole said...

very simple. yet great capture with the reflection on the water.

Anonymous said...

I dig your point of view! The emptiness of this photo is awesome in my book! Most people when they think of a pool they assume it will be crowded, filled with laughter and fun! You did think outside the box and captured the peace-fullness ! ;)

Kristen said...

Cool shot. Love the refelection.