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Daily Journey

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thankful Thursday~

It is that day of the week where we get to share all the wonderful things we are thankful for. I have many even in this darn illness and thought I cannot miss this. As many are suffering much worse than a darn illness.
Please hook up with this wonderful linky and check out all the wonderful things we all are thankful for. Tara has a beautiful blog and a wonderful list of thankful's.

And my list is:

  1. Kleenex
  2. cold medicine
  3. more than 16 hours of straight sleep
  4. Hubby that took care of me yesterday on his day off
  5. My liquid sunshine even though I want the yellow ball of fire
  6. Friends family and loved ones that have been praying for my health and many other needs
  7. Being able to help my baby sister out
  8. Hot tea
  9. Electricity
  10. For those who serve this country bravely for our freedoms
  11. A new short hair cut
  12. Morning news and weather
  13. Clean clothes
  14. The Lords love
  15. All my followers on my blog

Do you have anyone you'd like to thank?


Rainbow said...

I am sorry you are still sick :( here is a BIG HUG for you...but turns my lil head so I not catch it...hands you the muddy tissues ( I found them under the car) (just trying to make you smile)...and runs that not to get to close....

Love n HUGS

Anonymous said...

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