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Daily Journey

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Write A letter Wednesday~ Cold Remedies

Another Wednesday has arrived for us yet to write another letter. You can link up with Josie over at "Write A Letter Wednesday". Check out the other great letters!

Dear Cold Remedies,
I am so glad to have you in the house. Though I would prefer never to have to use you at all. I am glad to have you ever ready to use when needed.
Though I would prefer that you would be out dated and I would have to toss you out and replace you with fresh doses and never ever have to use you at all. AGAIN!
You are a spendy lot of medicines that help keep my household  healthy and well. You help get us well when we are feeling a bit under the weather. You help us to rest and sleep when it isn't easy.
I'm glad to have you handy and still wish I had no use for you at all.
But am grateful for your healing properties and ability to help keep us well enough to go about our daily activities.
Happy to purchase you and have you around cluttering up my medicine cabinet of med's that help keep us well and healthy day in and day out.
So with this thought in mind I head to the cabinet to take my dose of cold remedies to fight this miserable cold that has attached its self to me.
Thank you for your service.
Looking forward to feeling well once again soon.
Sick In Bed

Do you keep a cabinet full of med's on hand?


Gifts By Katherine said...

I hope you feel better soon :-)

Rosebud Collection said...

Have to tell you a good remedy if you have a cough at night..rub feet with vicks/put socks on all night..It is amazing how this works. I know at night it is awful to start coughing.. amazing how well it works with children..Hope you are feeling better..xoxoRosebud/Carolyn

Rainbow said...

I love this post :) I was reading Rosebud's remedy and that works very well. I have used it it works better than on your chest.

Thank you for stopping what is pink saturday?

Rainbow...feel better soon

Josie said...

I was sorry to read that you are laid up with a cold. They sure are miserable! It provided great inspiration for your letter though! :-) We keep a drawer full of assorted OTC remedies too, since it seems one always gets sick at night or on the weekend, and we live 18 miles from town. This post made me smile as it evoked memories of my mom's medicine cabinet, not nearly as large as our supply, but it served the family well none the less! Thank you for participating in Write A Letter Wednesday, I appreciate you and your kind comments so much!