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Daily Journey

Friday, August 5, 2011

365 Days Of Pictures ~Day 163

One of many picture's taken on our first National Night out in our apartment community.
(Will have more to share)
It was a lovely evening and a great turn out.
It was awesome to meet those that serve this community.
The ladies that worked on putting this together did an awesome job.
I cannot sing their praises enough.
I don't think we would have had the turn out or those that stopped had they not put in the man hours and contact they had prior to this event.
A huge Kiddos and thank you to each one that worked so hard to put on a very successful evening Of National Night Out!
{August 2, 2011}
We had the drug enforcement out with us, city councilmen and women, along with our police and fire department.
Kids loved the fire trucks!
I will be posting some of those in the coming days.
I over saw the drawing to raise money to help get a sandwich board made for our little drive way for parents to have available when their children are out playing.
I had to laugh as I asked the Chief of Police to draw our first ticket of the evening.
And said this nice officer!
I guess I demoted him.
Not my intent at all.
He took it all in stride; I think he got a kick out of it.
Getting to know those that serve us as well as my neighbors.
What a great way to create a safe environment and community to live in for everyone.
As you can see all where having a great time!
More picture's and stories to come.

Chief Of Police

Did your community have a National Night Out? If in another country do you have anything like this where you live?



Thisisme. said...

That community night sounds like such a fabulous idea, Bethe, and well done to all those involved. It really is such a good way of bringing everyone together and creating that sense of togetherness, which can only be a good thing. Good post today my friend.

Melissa said...

Our event this year was on the hottest day of the summer. My car said 110 degrees. My neighbor and I started walking to the park where ours were held but didn't make it. Our city does one every year. I can't wait to see more pics. How funny about "Officer" Greg! Did you guys raise enough money? A sandwich board, what a neat idea.

Rainbow said...

this is great I do not remember anything like that around here that is funny about Officer Greg but glad he had a good attitude. Hope it went the way you planned.