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Daily Journey

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mom's Hair Style

I had promised I would do a post with some photos of my mom.
She absolutely hates having her picture taken.
Along with several other of my family members.
It is hard to imagine that I am from this clan.
I love taking photos and I don't mind having mine taken.
I think I may have been misplaced into this family by mistake.
{Chuckling, Love my family so very much!}
All joking aside it was very hard to catch a few photos that where even worthy of publishing.
I got one right after I blew her hair dry before I put the curls in.
Then one with a frown on her face.
Makes you wonder if she is happy with her hair.
She told me how much she loved it and it looked great!
Wonder about the frown there.
It takes less muscles to smile mom then to frown.
Or is that the Old Lady smile?
Then I caught two really nice ones of her I think.
The last two while she was visiting with a very dear old friend of hers.
I will be posting a fun photo of her soon.
Mom is 77!
I think she looks great!
Just wish I could catch her smiling more and that she would let me take some pictures of her with some pretty smiles on her face.
She is so beautiful inside and out!

Please just get this hair done!
Mom just hates her picture taken
It really shows too.

We don't look very happy mom.
Less muscles to smile than frown

Mom enjoying the Birthday Party

Mom enjoying some girlfriend time

Do you have family members that hate having their photo's taken as well? Do they look like they are unhappy afterwards?


rainbow said...

My oldest son (Gerry) is that way. I have 3 pages in my big photo album all of him under his coat, behind a tree (rare on the plains of Texas) or behind his brother (Rich). He hated getting his picture taken, it wasn't til a few years ago that I told him I was the same way. "Why do you think I was always behind the camera?" now he is the camera bug and there are a lot more photos of me. Sad part is the loss of the history of my early years when the boys were little. Hope some young women will learn from my mistake. Photos are a big part of your family HISTORY.


Raindrops and Daisies said...

She looks great Bethe.
nice to see her photo.

Have a good weekend.


AudreyO said...

My mom is a crack up with photos. She always says "I don't look good" so it's hard to find photos she's actually ok with me sharing.

Thisisme. said...

The last two photos of your mum are lovely,Bethe. She looks really good for 77. Lovely to see a photo of your dear mum today.