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Daily Journey

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Prompt From Jenny Matlock ~ If I Die Young....

WORD COUNT - Up to 150 words AND the 4 words of the prompt (154 total maximum words)
THE PROMPT THIS WEEK IS: "If I die young..."

The regular restrictions apply: PG, no splitting of the prompt, play nicely and visit the other entries, any style or genre of writing you prefer.

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So I thought this prompt would be fun to do!
I found it as I was hopping around this morning visiting all you lovely bloggie friends.
Found via 21 wits, by Karen at
A fun little blog as well. Have been visiting about as you see.
So on with the prompt.

"If I die young.....
Well..... I can assure you I don't think that will be happening.... middle age I am.... I will not be dying young!
Though some would say that I am still very young.
Young at heart...
But not the sweet young thing I use to be.
Though in my mind I am!
Living life to the fullest I am!
Dying young would be sad for me...
It would mean no fun and laughter with the beautiful grandchildren the Lord has blessed me with.
It would mean no more adventures of exploring this amazing world that we have been given to live in.
Though it would mean dancing on streets of gold before the Father in heaven.
What could be more amazing than that?
Seeing those that have gone before me.
Amazing love that only the Lord can give.
Held in the love of the Father.
All consuming love!

How would you respond to if I die young?

Jenny Matlock


beckyp said...

great post

jfb57 said...

Interesting post. It was a good take on the prompt that might be for the young!

Daydreamertoo said...

At this time in my life, I'm at a place of peace, within, in whom I see as our Prime Creator, I feel so blessed to have been here in this life and seen the beauty of souls who are open to the light and therefore, shine their own adding to the beauty of it all.
Your prose is wonderful use of the centus prompt. Thanks for visiting me and the lovely comment.

cj Schlottman said...

I can feel your peaceful soul in this lovely and loving post. Well done!

I would miss you if you died young.


Dazee Dreamer said...

I feel exactly the way you do. Sweet grandchildren. Thank goodness I haven't died young.

Life 101 said...

It might be too late for me on this one :) Even though I feel young, my knees say otherwise.
I need to do a few of these to condense my thoughts down.
I went to a writer's workshop recently and there was a Rabi there who spoke about aphorisms.
The topic of his talk was What Would Jesus Tweet. It brought the idea of condensing what you want to say into fewer words. It was a good exercise.

Nonna Beach said...

Beautifully written and I feel the very same little time but so much to live for and savor !!!

Sue said...

We all have a lot to be grateful for. And a lot to look forward to.


Tgoette said...

Very unique take on the prompt! Nicely done!

Gems said...

You appreciate live life..and you are grateful for life...that is special. you are very young in my eyes...looking forward to many more years of following!

Gems x

Judie said...

Thoughtfully and beautifully written.

Madge said...

I long to see the ones who passed before me. I miss them. great post.

Jean said...

Young is in the eye of the beholder. Well written.

Jenny said...

Hi Bethe, what a lovely blog. If blogger would be more cooperative this morning I would sign up to follow your blog but, alas, it is not to be today!

Welcome to this meme. I love it. We have a small group of regulars and somedays I almost need to pinch myself when I realize we've been doing this for a year and a half!

I really enjoyed your thoughtfull written link. Some of your words felt like you had written them just for me!

Thank you for linking. I hope we see you again!