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Daily Journey

Saturday, August 13, 2011

365 Days Of Pictures ~Day 171

Okay another photo opt steal I did from my daughter Amber's Face Book page. In fact I'm sure I stole a whole bunch recently.
This is one of my favorites I stole from her.
This is my Sam I am!
She is all tom boy!
But a real beauty as well.
Looks like she has found a coin.
Not sure what the story is about this photo.
Except this grandma sure does love this picture very much.
I'm trying to figure out away to get it copied and enlarged into a frame for myself as I love it so much.
Whoever took it did a great job!
Puts a huge smile on my face.

"Sam I am"

I have decided to drop my button with the 365days of pictures. It was linked to a wonderful blog that isn't any longer up. I  was hoping she would be back up and running. But I have decided to drop that portion of the blog and will still continue with the 365 Days of Pictures. If I knew how to make a button for this I would then I would use it. But this is the deal I don't and so I will just go with the picture's. So this is the last you will see of the button. Thank you to "Socrates Is Downstairs" who got me started on this sort at the beginning of my blogging experience and I have been having a great time. Very grateful to her, where ever she is.

Do you like enlarging photos and putting them in frames around the house or giving them as gifts?


Raindrops and Daisies said...

She is lovely Bethe.

No wonder you love her so much.


Thisisme. said...

You're right, Bethe, that is such a lovely, natural photo. You must get it framed! I love having photos of the family around the house. I have so many!! I'm glad that you're going to continue with your days of photos, even though that original blog isn't running anymore. What a shame - I wonder what happened there? Blessings.


I Am Not Superwoman said...

Very beautiful little girl. With 4 kids, we have so many pictures hanging up around our house that we need more walls. LOL.