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Daily Journey

Monday, August 22, 2011

Playdate With God ~ At The Ocean

It was another fun filled week and weekend that I had many playdates with the Lord.
 I have to pick one of my favorites to write about here.
The good news is I have many stories to share when I don't have anything at all.
But ..... I'm finding that is never the case. At least not yet.
I love linking up with Laura over at The Well Spring.
 If you have never checked her out please do! You will be blessed.
Then of course if you love what you read on her playdates with God there are so many others who link as well; that you will be blessed by them as well.
So go check out Laura, she has an awesome blog filled with many beautiful life lessons and encouragement of words of love, hope, peace, grace. You will savor each word; I know I do.

This weekend was the first 90 degree weather we have had all Summer long.
I had decided I wasn't going to stay in and clean or just hang around the house.
I wanted to enjoy the warm lovely weather that I had been longing for all year.
Hubby wanted no part of it!
Okay fine!
I do!
So I went in search of finding some playmates to enjoy the wonderful weather and gorgeous day!
It wasn't turning out to promising to start with in my search for a friend to come out and play.
It seemed all were all ready engaged with other activities or not home.
Then my neighbor Pat called through the screen door.
Do I want to go to the beach with her?
We did get kinda of a late start.
But... Oh so worth it!
Got lost leaving town.
Traffic was bad!
Guess everyone wanted to get out of town and enjoy the beautiful day!
Stuck on the freeway; in stand still parking lot.
Not a good place to be stuck when you want to be out playing in the sun.
So then I called hubby.
He told us to turn around head North to Longview, Washington.
We are going to the beach?
Take exit 36 industrial follow signs going back to Oregon.
Leave it to a fisherman to know the shortest and quickest way to get from point "A" to point "B" to get  the line into water to fish.
Who would have thought?
Not I!
We were only a short distance now from Astoria.
Which is where the Ocean and the mouth of the Columbia meet.
Rough waters there!
It was beautiful!
We wandered around on the Pier at Astoria then headed out towards Gerhardt.
When we arrived there we went on down to the beach to have a late lunch.
It was so wonderful!
I played in the surf and caught the waves.
I was wishing I had a boogie board to ride them in.
Next time I will!
Then once again we headed on down the road.
This time to Seaside.
There we walked and took in the beautiful scenery.
Later after a bit of strolling around we decided to have a bit of warm soup.
So on to the restaurant we went.
Where we had soup, salad, creme'broula', coffee.
This is where we watched the sunset.
An end to a perfect day!
After that we headed on home.
So wishing the day wasn't coming to a close.
It was a wonderful day in the sun!

I have uddles of pictures as I had taken over 200 of them. I selected a few of these as they made me think of the Lord and how He washes us clean.
The beach was washing me with its beautiful surf this day.
But the Lord He washes and restores us as we come to Him.
I felt the waters rushing over me.
I think how the Lord washed me with His sons blood.
I am, forgiven, cleansed and made whole because of the completed work at the cross.
Each day I can come to the Father, His sweet Holy Spirit can wash over me.
As I played in the surf; it was a gentle quiet reminder of the love and the washing that was done for me and all that come to the Father.


Revelation 1:5

And from Jesus Christ, the faithful witness the firstborn from the dead, and the ruler over the kings of the earth. To Him who loved us and washed us from our sins in His own blood.

Ocean Beauty

Relaxing Having Some Lunch

Surf Gentle Rolling In

Washing Over Me!

Rolling Out To Sea

His Light Brightly Shines

Sweeping Over Me

Gentle Cleansing

Still Quietness

Feeling Refreshed In His Light

Do you live near the beach? Or do you enjoy going and playing in the surf? What is your get away to be refreshed and renewed?



Laura said...

Oh, Beth, you are making me miss the ocean! Oh, to live just a short drive away--traffic or no (thank goodness for your sweet hubbie's rescue!)! The photos are beautiful and as I contemplate your last words and listen to the music you have playing on the sidebar (You Raise Me Up), I feel the cleansing. Thank you for that, my friend.

Stephanie of Gumdrop Pass said...

Oh, how lucky you are to live near the ocean! I have to admit, the pictures made me just a TEENSIE bit jealous. I'm glad you got to enjoy all it has to offer! :)

forgetmenot said...

Beth, Splashing in the waves, walking the beach, eating good food, and being with a friend--what could be better. Sounds like a wonderful day. Love all your photos. I have no idea what kind of flower that is--it was in a garden at the Botanical Gardens. Hugs, Mickie :)

Life 101 said...

Nothing like a day at the beach. It's been too long since we've been.

Madge said...

I love Astoria, those were great picures :)
Thanks for stopping by my button spot, I haven't set up disqus there yet, so I couln't comment back.

Susie Swanson said...

You just made me want to go so bad to the ocean.. Looks like you had a wonderful day..Susie

Petra said...

Sounds like you had a great time with your neighbor! I love the Oregon Coast! We went there once, and I would love to go back. It's beautiful.
(It's not letting me post from my blogger account)

Susan DiMickele said...

No, I don't live near the beach but I just love the ocean. These pictures are great. Perfect for a play date!

Janis@Open My Ears Lord said...

Love your day of fun at the beach. So miss it here in the desert, and probably never appreciated it enough when I lived there.

Love the sun glistening off the water.