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Daily Journey

Monday, August 22, 2011

365 Days Of Pictures ~Day 180

Not sure what this plant is.
But it caught my eye.
I was really glad I had my camera so I could get a snap of it.
It is in the yard across from the assisted home where I have my salon.
The home is vacant.
The yard over grown.
The plant looks like they have fairy wings on them.
If you know the name please feel free to help me out.
Thank you!

Images of Fairy Wings

Do you use a cell phone and take pictures or a camera that you carry with you all the time?


Raindrops and Daisies said...

Bethe, it is a beautiful plant.

Wish they could grow like that here
but think all the rain would destroy it!

Great photo.


rainbow said...

Beautiful flower and yes that is why I use me phone and my camera to get all the special photos for memories of GOD'S HANDWORK. I always have my phone (EVO with a 5 megapixle camera) and my Kodak (with 12 megapixle). THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR PHOTOS.

dustbow (Momma Lyn)

Rainbow said...

this is beautiful :) IT looks like a milkweek to me but I am not certain. I love taking pics with my cell and my camera, my camera isn't much bigger than my cell so easy goes in my purse.

Hope you are doing well....Bob is doing better :)

Rainbow (gina)
you can ck my blog for updates on Bob