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Daily Journey

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Short Story Slam Week 8

More great prompts from Bluebell books. If you enjoy writing and like great prompts. Might I suggest you go check out Bluebell books. You can link up with the prompts and check out other great writers. it is a wonderful linky. Join in and have some fun! See ya there.

Image Credit: ~L/Untitled Moments

Write a story or a poem based on the image you see, have fun!

Swirling around
Dancing to the song of the wind
Swirling around in the wheat
Dreaming of the love
That will carry me from
The dancing field of dreams
To the dreams of my love
That whispers the song of forever
As the winds whispers songs of love
In the wheat field that sway and dance
To the song of the wind 
I swirl and dance
Into the arms of my lover
I turn as I hear his whisper and call
Come my love
Come my love
Into my arms and dance forever
Swaying to the music of his call
In the wind of the field
I dance into his arms of forever
Swirling and dancing to the whispers of
I love you
Come dance forever
In my arms my love
I love you


Jingle Poetry

What do you see in the wheat field with the young woman?


Anonymous said...

Loved this song of wind and love. Beautiful!

Guilie said...

What a lovely piece, Beth. Wind and whispered love... I could almost hear the wheat sssss-ing in the field, see the smile on the girl's invisible face. And I haven't been on a wheat field in a very long time :) Thanks!

Morning said...

Swirling around
Dancing to the song of the wind
Swirling around in the wheat
Dreaming of the love

positive and creative, you rock.


Marbles in My Pocket said...

Beautiful, Beth! This song-like poem makes me see dancer's waltzing and twirling among the wheat. Very nice!

Here is my week 8 story:

MISH said...

This is heartwarming and paints such a lovely picture of the two dancing about in the field amongst the wheat ... :)

The Cello Strings said...

love the enthusiasm in your words.
profound entry.

e.a.s. demers said...

wonderful piece and lovely take on the prompt!!