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Daily Journey

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More Garage Saga~ The Win

Well the on going saga of the garage, is that we "WON"! I get to keep my garage and I can now start the long process of moving my things back over from the store room that I went and rented so I wouldn't have my things hauled to the dump. So to the store room I go to bring back all my things to my garage. What a hassle this night mare has been. But .... The way I see it .... It all worked out. I got rid of and still am getting rid of things that I truly have no need to hold onto. Some I'm just not ready to let go of and that is okay. Other things good bye I say goodbye. Soon I will have it down to nothing at all except holiday decorations. {laughing}
Below is the letter that we received in regards to our garage.
We were told at the office that many people where up in arms over this whole situation. I think  they realized that no one was going to stand to be bullied that way and we all had contracts and leases. They would be in huge trouble.
I'm really glad we all stood together and pulled together to fight this management team and the HOA's.
Amazing what a small group of people can do when we band together.
Thank you for the prayers and encouragement that I received from each and everyone of you.

Have you every band together with a group of people and made a stand for something you believed in?


Manzanita said...

Congratulations. It's always nice when your belongings find a home. Banding together is like prayer and it can accomplish miracles.

Thisisme. said...

Oh, wonderful news indeed my friend. So pleased that your protest paid off. Hopefully, the stress will now be lifted from you. I couldn't be happier for you.

Amanda said...

I'm glad it worked out for you. :)

Arlee Bird said...

I did become a board member of our community association so I could be aware of any weird decisions that other came up with so I could better voice my dissent. I've been voted back on the board for the past 7 years or so. I think homeowners trust that I'm on their side and not one who likes to come up with more ridiculous rules.
You were right to stand up for yourself.

Tossing It Out

Rainbow said...

CONGRATS!!!! hope you are doing well, stop over on my page and ck us out :)

Rainbow (Gina)