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Daily Journey

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Where Are All The Children?

Where are all the children
The laughter
The tears
All the chatter
All the fighting
Where all the the children
The playing
The sleeping
All the make believe
All the dreams in slumber land
Where are all the children
The little miracles
The future of our tomorrows
All the wonders of ourselves
All the dreams I didn't fulfill
Where are all the children
All the love of all the children


This poem was wrote in the early 80's. I don't have the exact date of write on this paper.
But I know I do somewhere. As I had made several copies of this poem.
It is a poem I wrote for my daughters when they where with their father.
As you see I had great pain and loss during this time period of my life.
Writing was very therapeutic to me.
It still is.
My home felt so empty without the girls in it.
My arms the love I longed for.
The love I felt I was missing out on.
I still think of that pain and loss still today at times.
Time that can never be re-captured.

Thank you Lord for showing me and filling me with the Love that only you can give.
For your healing and restoration.
Thank you for the love of my daughters and the grandchildren.
My arms and home will never be empty because of the love you have given me.
Each one fills me with much joy and happiness.
Thank you for these gifts and miracles of life and love.
My daughters and each grandchild that fills my heart to over flowing!

Have you had moments of emptiness's that you couldn't bare?


melody-mae said...

I heart you my friend!

Raindrops and Daisies said...



rainbow said...

The times the boys were with their Dad were the most horrible times in my life but I knew they needed that time with him. I must say after the divorce he realized how special they were and he turned into SUPER DAD and still is to this day. THANK YOU LORD.

The worse time ever was when Dad decided he needed the boys on Christmas Day, no big deal we can just put our Christmas off a couple of days. BIG MISTAKE. I sat on the couch and cried all day, when I pointed out to Bob when he didn't have the guys, he had his new wife but when I didn't have the boys I had no one. From then on Bob had they on Christmas Eve, then would bring them to me and I would have them Christmas Day. He really was understanding. THANK YOU LORD FOR HIS LOVE OF HIS SONS

This was a sad and HAPPY memory at the same time. BLESSINGS AND LOVE TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. Thanks for sharing this poem, I LOVE IT.

Rosebud Collection said...

I know the feeling, even though they were raised here, but when they all left..and I had an empty was very painful..Beautiful poem..

xinex said...

Beautiful poem, Beth. I understand the feeling....Christine