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Daily Journey

Friday, August 26, 2011

Up ~ Date On Fall

Thursday was a very full and crazy day.
I went and spoke with management before I left for Salem about the fall I took on the property and make sure they had received all the communication that I had left from the night of the fall. Yes! they did!
So on to Salem to take my test so I could get my license for cosmetology. That didn't go so well. I didn't have the right identification. So I will be going back on Monday to get the licence and take the test! Bummer!
So then I tried to eat something. Not so easy. I had a small bit of soup and milk shake. I guess I will loss  a lot of weight this way. Then off to the dentist then after wards to the ER. Oh what a very long day. I have to go back to dentist on Wednesday nest week. Not good with the teeth. My hand is messed up with serve muscle and tissue bruising. Not good for a hairdresser. Cervical to the neck from falling face first . Huge clown nose fat lip. Not a beauty for sure NOW! Laughing as I cannot think of anything else to do. Pain is bad. I will be picking up all three prescriptions tomorrow and looking for a lawyer. Oh what fun! Still need to get my glasses taken care of as well.  They really got all scratched up and arm whacked out. All this over the darn side walk. As I have up dates i will let you know. Please pray. I'm hoping this will go smoothly and that they will pay for this medical and dental work as my hubby is concerned with all the trouble we have had here. Thank you for your continued and on going prayers and love of encouragement.

Have you ever had to deal with law suits due to an injure?


Anonymous said...

Am having problems with blogger this evening and have tried to reply to your post twice already.

Ths is Fiona from Ireland (Raindrops & Daisys)

I am so sorry to hear that you are still in pain and that you cannot eat and that your face looks terrible, you poor thing.

Take care of yourself and hoping you get the teeth sorted next week and that you will be ok.

Wishing you a painfree weekend.


rainbow said...

Sorry to here you are still in pain and having trouble eating. Hope things get better soon and the management will pay for it all plus some for pain and suffering. MAKE IT AS GOOD A WEEKEND AS YOU CAN, LOVE TO YOU AND HOUR FAMILY

rainbow (Momma Lyn) still dustbow though, still no rain

Rainbow said...

I am praying for you...and also that everything goes great with the lawyer.

Hope your weekend is great

Rainow (Gina)