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Daily Journey

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Out Door Wednesday

A few of my photos from my hike on Sunday 21st of August, at Silver Falls, Oregon.

I thought this would make great outdoor pictures.
It was a lovely day.
I wanted to do something.
So I went up to Silver Falls and walked about four of the ten mile hike.
I missed four of the Falls.
As I was  truly not expecting that long of a hike and was un~ prepared for that length of a hike.
Gives cause for me to go back again.
It is beautiful!
I truly wasn't prepared for the hike at all.
I had even wore little flip flop saddles.
What was I thinking?
They broke on the hike!
It was a spare of the moment thing.
I wanted to go on a hike.
And that is exactly what I did!
I just had no idea how intense the hike was.
The part of the hike I did do was wonderful!
So much beauty surrounding me that I want to go see and enjoy it ALL!
I'm a bit of an adventurous.
More so than hubby.
I tried to get hubby to go.
Once again a resounding...
Oh Well!
Maybe next time
He had a BBQ dinner waiting for me when I arrived home.
How sweet!
He may not be adventurous but he sure cooks a mean dinner.
I had another beautiful day in God's rich beauty that He surrounds us with.


Genesis 2:10

Now a river went of Eden to water the garden, and from there it parted and became four riverheads.

Water Reflection

This Is The Way!

More Rocks To Duck!
I Sure Hope It Is Worth It?
Breathe Taking Beauty From The Back Side

Do you like to go on adventures by yourself if you have no one to go along with you?


Desiree said...

What a beautiful wonder you want to do it all again, sometime! I would, too! I prefer to enjoy outings such as this with my husband and, fortunately for me, he is as keen as I am, so it's never a problem. I'm not sure I'd go on my own, though. I'd be concerned about safety.

Rainbow said...

this is absolutely beautiful. I would go there in a heart beat!!!

Hope you are doing well.... Bob has a broken collar bone :( from Sun fall. Had him back at the clinic today.